10 Cute Nursery Ceiling Fans – Baby Room Ceiling Fans

People tend to spend a lot of time planning nurseries for their new newborns. That’s because it’s a way of celebrating the arrival of one of the most amazing things a person can have during their lifetime, a child. In this nursery planning process, many things are included. Some pick colors for the walls, while some buy a crib and some toys. Many overlook a very important component.

That component is air circulation and temperature regulation. If you wonder if it’s safe for babies to have ceiling fans in the rooms they sleep in you’re not alone. Many wonder the same thing. This article will answer that question and many others regarding this topic. The quick answer is yes, a ceiling fan for your baby’s nursery is safe for them. Some babies even sleep better when the ceiling fan is turned on.

Designing a new baby’s nursery is usually a lot of fun for future parents! Adding a ceiling fan to the space will provide a dash of color, utility, and aesthetic while also bringing the area together. Below, we will take a look at some of the cutest and best quality nursery room ceiling fans that will complete a themed décor.

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Themed Baby Room Ceiling Fans

 A ceiling fan is a functional, but also a smart finishing touch to add to a baby’s room because it controls temperature but also pulls the room together interior-wise. Here are some ideas:

1. Craftmade Bloom 52-inch Ceiling Fan

Craftmade is a company that sells lights, ceiling fans, and home accessories. Within their collection called Bloom, they’ve created a one-of-a-kind ceiling fan that looks like a layered flower. This ceiling fan is designed to go with almost any nursery décor, but especially if there is a main floral motive in the space’s interior design. Since the ceiling fan is very modern and abstract, it can also work well with simple nursery designs. Here are some details on this product:

  • It has a 52”-inch blade span which is great for bigger rooms
  • It has interchangeable blades in numerous colors so it can match the room color.
  • It comes with an extra optional light kit
  • The remote control is included in the package
  • It has a dual mount so that it can be placed on flat and angled ceilings

2. Westinghouse Roundabout 30″ Ceiling Fan

This Westinghouse ceiling fan brightens up the space. Therefore, using this fan will give the nursery or children’s room a very light and airy feeling. It has a 30-inch ceiling fan with an integrated light kit and a sleek nickel body that will brighten up any room. With a diameter of 30 inches, this ceiling fan is suitable for small spaces or for use in tandem with two other fans in bigger areas.

  • Blade spread of 30 inches
  • Fan blades in two colors that can be interchanged based on preference- Rainbow and Nickel
  • Includes a bright dome light package

Cute & Contemporary

These adorable ceiling fans will give your baby area a modern feel. That works really well if the rest of your house is already finished with contemporary elements. These ceiling fans have natural wood textures, unique color shades, and sleek designs that transform nurseries into modern areas without taking away the cozy feeling the nursery should give off.

3. Hunter Cranbrook 52″ Ceiling Fan

The Hunter’s Cranbrook ceiling fan mixes contemporary style with vibrant colors. This fan offers everything you need in a nursery ceiling fan. This includes lights, a remote control, and a cool design. It is also very quiet when working so the sound doesn’t wake the baby nor disturb other family members. This design also works well when you want to start decorating the baby’s room but don’t know the gender yet. That’s because the colors are gentle and will work later on with any other décor.  

  • Larger spaces will benefit from the 52-inch blade spread.
  • Blonde Oak & Walnut – reversible fan blades
  • Uses WhisperWind technology which makes the fan super quiet when working. That’s perfect for nurseries.
  • Comes with a remote control

4. Hunter Norden 54” Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Norden ceiling fan is a stunning addition to any nursery with its neutral hues and modern styling just like the Hunter Cranbrook but it is a bit larger. That’s why this nursery room ceiling fan is the perfect size for bigger nursery spaces and settings, measuring 54″ in diameter. This fan has an integrated dimmable light kit that is easy to control with the controller that comes with it.

  • 54-inch blade span
  • An incorporated dimmable LED light
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Comes in a few different colors. We recommend the satin copper and fresh white

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5. Westinghouse Quince Two-Light 24″ Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Quince is a six-blade ceiling fan that is perfect for compact nursery areas with limited space. That’s because it’s smaller in diameter than the two mentioned before.  This beautiful ceiling fan has a contemporary design thanks to the clean frosted glass light and beech wood grain rotor blades.

  • 24-inch blades are ideal for small rooms
  • Can give an all-white look or a beachy wooden look because of reversible beech woodgrain and white blades
  • Can heat and cool- changeable rotation for year-round use

6. Hunter Dublin LED Ceiling Fan

The Dublin by Hunter Fans will provide a pop of color to your baby’s room. This model comes in three colors: emerald, indigo blue, and white providing a bright and modern aesthetic that will last as your child develop his or her taste throughout the years. The Dublin’s design and 44-inch blades make it ideal for small to medium-sized bedrooms with lower ceilings.

  • 44-inch blade span
  • Lowkey durable design
  • LED lights are integrated
  • Available in multiple finishes

7. Bombay Tropical Bronze 42″ Ceiling Fan

Floral designs are a very popular baby nursery theme. That’s because they give a natural, fresh, and breezy feel to the space. Floral themes aren’t necessarily just pink flowers but also leaves and greenery. To complement an outdoor or beach design, you can use a gender-neutral palm leaf ceiling fan. These baby nursery ceiling fans complement a contemporary but also bohemian interior design.

  • 42-inch blade span
  • The light kit is not included
  • Damp Rated- Damp-rated ceiling fans are great for covered patios, screened porches, and other places that aren’t directly exposed to water.
  • Reversible motor that cools and heats- great for all-year-round use

Pretty Pinks & Soft Blues

Pretty Pinks & Soft Blues are less costly than the models mentioned above. They are still really good quality and pull the room together nicely. They come in gentle traditional baby colors like baby blue and baby pink. 

8. Vaxcel Alex 44″ Blue Ceiling Fan

The blue cloud paddle blades and teddy bear-themed chain pulls on this ceiling fan are absolutely adorable. This ceiling fan has many details which are why it’s a unique design. It has white and blue hues that add a warm touch to the environment, and the functions are what you’d expect from most Vaxcel products.

  • 44-inch blade span
  • Dome light kit included
  • Reversible motor that enables heating and cooling
  • Adorable designs: White and blue clouds and teddy bear

9. Hunter ValDa 36” Ceiling Fan

This model works really well for classic nursery interior designs. It has three colorways: blush pink, hued gray, and light blue. It comes with a remote control which brings many convenient features. Because of its 36 inch span, it works well in smaller and medium-sized nurseries.

  • 36-inch blade spread
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Available in three colors: pink, blue and gray

10. Vaxcel Alice 44″ Pink Ceiling Fan

The Vaxcel Alice ceiling fan, like its parallel blue Alex design, is great for adding a splash of color into the newborn’s room. Other than the vibrant color it has a butterfly motif that can be found on the paddle hardware and cable pulls. It has 44-inch blades which makes it ideal for small to medium-sized baby rooms.

  • 44-inch blade span
  • Does not come with the light kit
  • Reversible motor that enables heating and cooling-perfect for all-year use
  • White and pink butterfly design through the model

What Are The Benefits Of Having a Ceiling Fan in a Nursery?

There are several advantages of having a ceiling fan in your baby’s nursery. Fans are a safe way to promote air circulation in a space that lowers levels of carbon dioxide. The Archives of Pediratrics and Adolescent Medicine published an article saying that because of that, ceiling fans in baby rooms decrease the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by 72%. Other than this massive health benefit, ceiling fans have more advantages. Here are some listed:

  • Safety: Because ceiling fans are so high up, they cannot be reached by toddlers. This makes them significantly safer than window or standing fans.
  • Better Sleep: The fan produces a gentle hum when turned on which creates white noise. Babies love white noise and almost always fall asleep faster and sleep for longer if they can hear it in the background.
  • Keep Cool Gently: The ceiling fan is the healthiest option for air circulation. Unlike an air conditioner, it doesn’t eliminate humidity nor freeze up the air. Both conditions cause dry skin and respiratory problems which are very unhealthy for a regular person and then especially for a child. A fan delicately circulates the air without intervening with its moisture levels and even keeping the air fresh.

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What Are Precautions That You Need To Consider

  • High-speed mode on your ceiling fan can sometimes create too much airflow and make the room a bit to cold and noisy for the newborn. Try using a lower speed mode to decrease noise and the cold that cause your baby to lose too much body heat.
  • Installing a ceiling fan by yourself can be dangerous even though ceiling fans on their own are safe. Try getting expert personnel to do it for you to make sure nothing malfunctions.
  • If the ceiling fan is not necessarily in a nursery but a child’s room and you have a bunk bed placed there, make sure to put the ceiling fan enough. It should be 3 to 5 feet away from the edge of the bed, so its completely out of reach.
  • Leaving your fan blades dirty for a long time can cause particles and dirt to fly around the room. That’s why you should clean your fan blades at least once a month to remove the dust that has accumulated on them. That cleaning process is pretty simple. You can just take a damp cloth and wipe it off.  This will prevent any dirt or particles from landing on your infant or circulating in the air and inhaled.
  • Some people hang ornamental things on the ceiling fan because they consider it pretty but that can fly off and be dangerous for your child. Avoid doing that.

Determine The Color Palette For Your Nursery Room

It’s crucial to note that a visual color palette is important for every infant. You should keep that in mind when choosing a color scheme for the nursery. The importance of creating a color palette with rich hues and contrasts shouldn’t be overstated. Combining a bright yellow with a soothing green, for instance, is a terrific way to add individuality to the space while also creating contrast.

Many interior designers suggest keeping the walls a neutral color and adding bursts of color with rugs, removable wallpaper, and furniture. That provides colorful stimuli but also leaves the option to change it up when your child grows up a little bit.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your baby’s body temperature at a healthy level is critical for their development. If your baby’s room is excessively hot or chilly, he or she will use too many calories to maintain a comfortable temperature making it more difficult for them to grow and develop properly.

The temperature in your baby’s room should be between 67- and 72-degrees Fahrenheit which is around 20-22 degrees Celsius. The best way to keep up with this temperature is by using a ceiling fan. This article should give you a good overview of some of the best baby ceiling fan options on the market today. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.

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