Why Samsung TV AirPlay Not Working? (Not Playing)

Samsung Airplay is an advanced technology system that allows Samsung TV users to wirelessly transfer video and audio content from iPad, Mac, or iPhone to TV. But sometimes there can be a problem with the AirPlay system. How to solve the problem when AirPlay is not working, does not display content, or does not appear as an option at all? 

Why Samsung TV AirPlay Not Working?

So, Why Samsung TV AirPlay Not Working? When Samsung AirPlay is not working, does not display content, or does not appear as an option on the screen, you should first check if AirPlay is turned on. Next, try to update the TV and the smart device through which you are trying to connect to the TV with the current firmware versions. 

We live in a world where with the help of modern technology it’s possible what was unthinkable only 20 years ago. With the touch of a finger on the phone screen, the AirPlay option and Samsung TV users can transfer content from smart devices to their TVs and manage them on the TV screen. If you are one of them and have difficulty using AirPlay, such as that AirPlay is not working, does not display content, or does not appear as an option, here are some possible solutions to this problem.

Samsung TV AirPlay Not Working (Black Screen)

Sometimes it can be concerning if you turn on your Samsung TV and know that the power is working, but in the end, you get a black screen when you try to log in to AirPlay. Many people try to eliminate this difficulty on their own, but not successfully. That’s why we will here explain how to proceed when a black screen appears during the use of the AirPlay option on a Samsung TV. 

When your Samsung TV AirPlay is not working and you see only a black screen, you must first check if the TV is updated with the latest update.  You can do this by following the steps: ‘Home’> ‘Settings’> ‘Support’> ‘Software Update’> ‘Update Now’. After performing this procedure, your TV will be ready for AirPlay use.

If AirPlay still doesn’t work and all you can see is a black screen, try turning the TV off and on. After restarting it, be sure to do the following steps: ‘Settings’> ‘General’> ‘AirPlay Settings’> ‘Require Code’. Then the ‘Require Code’ option should be turned off. If you performed this task according to the instructions, the AirPlay option should work.

Why Samsung TV Is Not Generating AirPlay Code?

AirPlay allows Samsung TV users to connect their smart devices to the TV and thus quickly transfer content from their smart devices to the TV screen. Once the TV and smart device are connected Samsung TV should provide the code which is then typed into the smart device. It happens that Samsung TV does not eject the code and the devices cannot be connected. What to do in this case? 

If you turn on the Samsung TV and it is not generating AirPlay Code, the problem is most often that the AirPlay option is not turned on on your Samsung TV. To enable the AirPlay option, follow the steps: ‘Settings’> ‘General’> ‘AirPlay Settings’> ‘On’.

If after these steps you conclude that the AirPlay option is already turned on the problem is probably that your Samsung TV needs a firmware update. You can perform the update by following the steps from the previous paragraph of this text ‘Samsung TV AirPlay Not Working (Black Screen)’. After you have done the firmware update of your Samsung TV try using the AirPlay option again and check if it will offer you the code to connect to the smart device.

Why Samsung TV AirPlay Settings Are Not Available?

Previously we mentioned how to get the AirPlay code of your Samsung TV using the AirPlay settings option. You may try to access the AirPlay code in the suggested way, but it may turn out that you do not have access to the AirPlay settings option on your Samsung TV. This is a very difficult situation in which as a user you do not know what to do because when you try to solve one problem you come across another that leaves you without the ability to remove the initial difficulty. 

If your Samsung TV AirPlay settings are not available, the problem is usually that the smart device you are trying to connect needs an update. There are the minimum IOS and macOS firmware requirements that your smart device must meet, especially when using AirPlay 2. Once you do that your Samsung TV will become the AirPlay base for another smart device.

If, despite the update, the problem with AirPlay settings still occurs, make sure that your Samsung TV and the smart device you are trying to connect to are on the same WiFi network. If they are not, you need to connect them to the same WiFi network. You can do this by following the steps: ‘Settings’> ‘General’> ‘Network’> ‘Network Settings’> ‘WiFi Network.’

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Why Samsung TV AirPlay Not Showing Up (Not Found)?

The AirPlay option is easy to use via any smart device and is very useful due to its efficiency of fast data transfer. But what if AirPlay doesn’t appear on the screen, isn’t available for use, or you can’t find it as an option? What if you try to access this feature of your Samsung TV and it doesn’t load at all? 

When AirPlay does not appear on the screen, is not available for use or you cannot find it as an option it is probably the case that your TV needs an update. Instructions on how to find suitable firmware and update your TV can be found in the previous section ‘Samsung TV AirPlay Settings Not Available’. 

After you have updated, and the problem with the AirPlay option is still not resolved, try rebooting the TV and the smart device you are trying to connect to, and then connect both to the same WiFi network. First, turn off the TV, then reboot the router or the Internet, and finally make sure that all the devices are in the same domain.

Why Samsung TV AirPlay Not Playing Video?

The most important feature of AirPlay is that users want to mirror the same pictures and videos that are on their phones directly to the screen. Although AirPlay is often used for music, its biggest feature is the ability to use a large TV screen to project an image. If it happens to you that the AirPlay option cannot project video content, here are a few solutions that can help you. 

If your Samsung AirPlay is not playing videos, the most common problem is that the user doesn’t have their phone and TV connected to the same WiFi network. First, find out which network the smart device you are accessing the TV to is linked to. To do this, go through the WiFi settings on your smartphone and TV. This will make sure that both devices are on the same network.

You can learn how to use WiFi settings in the previous paragraph of this text ‘Samsung TV AirPlay Not Available’. If it turns out that the WiFi network is not the cause of the problem, make sure your Samsung TV has the latest firmware, which you can do by following the instructions in the ‘Samsung TV AirPlay Not Working Black Screen’ section.

Why Samsung TV AirPlay Keeps Disconnecting?

You may think that when the AirPlay option does not work, it is the only problem you face. It also happens that the AirPlay option works, but the connection between the TV and the smart device is continually disconnecting. What to do in this case? When devices cannot be permanently connected this is certainly a very stressful situation. There are ways to stabilized connection! 

When Samsung AirPlay keeps disconnecting, the first thing you need to check is the WiFi network connection. You can do this by following these steps: ‘Settings’> ‘General’> ‘Network’> ‘Open Network Settings’> ‘Wireless’. After selecting the ‘Wireless’ option, notice how many cubes are displayed to you. If the dice are two or less the conclusion is that your WiFi network is unstable.

Network disconnection can be caused by Samsung TV being too far from the router. You need to move the router closer to the TV. Do this and double check the stability of the WiFi network in the same way. If it turns out that you have stabilized the signal strength and the problem is still there, you need to reset the router. It’s easy to do that. Unplug the router, wait 60 seconds, and plug it in again. Be sure to check that this step is in accordance with what is written in your router manual.

Why Samsung TV AirPlay Is Not Connecting?

You should be able to automatically connect the AirPlay option to your smart device as soon as you open it on your Samsung TV. While this is a technology that is not difficult to use, you should be aware that it is not always easy to use advanced solutions. This is a fact that often leaves users frustrated when it comes to AirPlay and Samsung TV breaches. What to do if you are a Samsung TV user who cannot connect to AirPlay? 

If you have problem with your Samsung TV AirPlay that is not connecting, you should first check the AirPlay settings on the smart device you are trying to connect in the ‘settings/restrictions’ section. If this way you find that the AirPlay option on the smart device is turned off or limited, it is clear why the Samsung AirPlay cannot be connected. Also, in this case you also need to check that the WiFi is in good condition because a bad Wifi network can cause a problem with the AirPlay connection. 

You can check the operation of the WiFi network by following the steps from the previous section of this text ‘Samsung TV AirPlay Keeps Disconnecting’. If it turns out that you have a weak WiFi signal, you need to reset the router according to the instructions in the manual that came with the router. Or you can try unplugging the router cable, wait 60 seconds and plug it in again.

Why Samsung TV AirPlay Audio Is Not Working?

An option that users love when it comes to AirPlay is the ability to watch videos on the TV screen directly from their smart devices. Although the image on the screen is important, it is often a big problem if it is not accompanied by sound. If it happens to you that the AirPlay option cannot project sound and you are in the middle of playing an interesting game, watching family photo albums or a movie, what should you do? 

If you have problems with audio on your Samsung TV AirPlay, you need to make sure that the sound mirroring is activated on your TV. To do this, follow the steps: ‘Settings’> ‘Sound’> ‘Expert Settings’> ‘Enable Sound Mirroring’> Bluetooth. Then activate bluetooth on your device and select the appropriate name from the device list provided.

Have you done everything as we have described above, and the sound on your Samsung TV while using the AirPlay option is still not there? There is a possibility that the smart device is set to ‘mute’. If it is a smartphone, you need to check that the sound of the phone is on, or that the device is not set to ‘silent’. If it is a computer, make sure you haven’t pressed the ‘mute’ button, and then check the set volume.


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