Why Samsung TV Sound/Volume Not Working? Expert Explain

Surely no one enjoys sitting in front of the TV after a hard day with the intention of relaxing and then realizing that the TV has no sound! If you own a Samsung TV that does not have a working volume/sound option, we bring you tips on how to solve this problem. 

There are a few different methods that you can use to fix sound/volume problems on your Samsung TV which includes replacing the batteries on your remote, disabling the autorun smart hub, resetting the smart hub, or just by holding down the ‘pause’ and ‘down’ arrow button simultaneously.

When this problem occurs, the owner cannot help but wonder if he made a good decision when he bought that particular model of the device. The solution to a TV audio problem may not always be to buy a new one. Below we offer you an overview of several options you can use to avoid this problem in the future. If you continue reading the article you will find answers to questions that are related to sound/volume issues for a Samsung TV.

What If Samsung TV Volume Stuck (Locked Up)

Today, new advanced features are constantly being added to TV models, which is a problem when you need to discover why your Samsung TVs volume gets stuck. We believe that the attached video below will help you solve this problem, but if this is not the case and your Samsung TV is still without sound, here are a few more tricks that you can do. 

The most common reason why volume is stuck on Samsung TV is too many applications that choke the TV memory and thus disable the normal operation of the TV or background applications that work when you are not using them. If this is the case, you can solve the problem by removing applications you do not use from memory or by disabling the ‘AUTORUN Smart HUB’ option on the TV.

The Smart Hub option in some Samsung TV models is the problem why the volume gets stuck. This option can be easily turned off. Follow these steps: general settings -> smart features -> turn off AUTORUN Smart HUB. 

If your Samsung TV does not have the ‘AUTORUN’ option, you should try to reset the Smart Hub function, and check if you have managed to restore the sound. If the sound of the device still does not work, then start deleting the applications that you have installed on the TV but do not use. Although you may not think so, we are often not even aware of how many such applications there are on TV. Also how fast they fill the memory and thus disable the device. After deleting the application restart the TV and check for sound. 

Still, a volume stuck? All you have to do is reset the TV as we explained earlier in “Samsung Volume Display Stuck on Screen” or you can reset manually by following these steps: Settings> Sound> Expert Settings> Reset Sound> Reset. After you do this, all sound settings will be restored to the factory settings. 

We are confident that one of the tips from here will help you restore the sound on your Samsung TV.

How To Unlock the Volume Control on Your Samsung TV?

Samsung TV comes with a lot of different settings that can sometimes be dizzying. From smart apps to fantastic screens and easy-to-use interface. This TV has so many smart options that it can be confusing for the user! When a situation occurs where a TV with great features loses sound it is inevitable to wonder how it is possible for someone to make such a good product with still having difficulty working. 

To unlock the sound control option on Samsung TV first set the code/pin to the default or 0000. To do this, first select ‘POWER’, then ‘mute’, type the numbers 8-2-4, and select ‘ POWER ‘. This will reset the TV to the default settings. Then you need to select the ‘menu’ and turn off the V-chip/Parental lock option.

Why Samsung TV Keep Turning Volume Up?

One of the annoying problems is the situation where you are watching TV, the remote control is not at your fingertips, and the sound is slowly increasing! This often happens to Samsung TV owners and this is a problem that is hard to find a solution to. But there are ways how you can fix this. 

When the volume keeps going up on your Samsung TV, the first step is to find the ‘Intelligent Mode Settings’ option. This option should be turned off so that it does not control the sound of the TV without your permission. This can be done by following the steps: General → Intelligent Mode Settings → shut off the settings.

Why Samsung TV Keep Turning Down?

Contrary to the problem where the sound goes up, Samsung TV users also report the difficulty of turning down the sound volume on their TV. This problem can be solved with the help of the tips from the previous section “Samsung TV Keep Turning Volume Up”.  In addition, there is another way to stabilize the sound on the TV. Feel free to try which option brings you a faster and better result. 

In order for Samsung TV to keep turning down the sound, you need to select the ‘menu’ option and follow these steps: Settings> Sound> Expert Settings> HDMI Input Audio Format> change Bitstream to PCM.

Why Samsung TV Volume Is Too Low?

Many TV users are frustrated when the sound of the Samsung TV is constantly reduced, but it is extra hard when the sound is reduced to a level that is too low and remains so. Fortunately, there are several options for resolving this issue. Try it one by one and you will surely be able to get back the sound on your Samsung TV. 

When the sound on the Samsung TV is too low, you should first check if the TV needs an update, and then do the update. You can do this by following the steps: Settings> Support> Software Update. Then, check if the HDMI cable is working properly by doing the following steps: Settings> Support> Self Diagnosis> Signal Information> HDMI Cable Test> Start Test. If the test result is that the cable is faulty you can find a solution to the sound problem by purchasing a new HDMI cable.

Why Samsung TV Volume Is Too High?

Equally bad is the situation when the sound of Samsung TV does the opposite – when the sound is too high. On the contrary, this problem causes even greater frustration since too loud sounds are physically much harder to tolerate than silence. This problem can be solved with the help of the tips from the previous section “Samsung TV Volume Too Low”. In addition, we suggest you another solution. 

When the sound on the Samsung TV is too loud check the correctness of the HDMI cable and perform a TV update. When you do this, if the problem is still here you should try to disconnect the cable from the external device or connect it to another input if available. Also, if you have another external device available, try connecting it with a cable to the TV to test the system.

Why Samsung TV Has No Sound?

Beyond the fact that Samsung TV users report a problem that includes too high and too low sound, this device may also have a problem that it does not produce sound at all. When this happens, Samsung TV owners usually try to fix the problem by persistently turning the device on and off, hoping that this will solve the problem. In some cases, they manage to restore the sound to their TV, but in order for it to be the right volume, it is still necessary to do something more. 

If Samsung TV does not produce any sound at all, you should activate the ‘Self Diagnosis’ option to help you find what is causing the problem. You can do this by following the steps: Menu> Support> Self Diagnosis> Sound Test. If the problem is not caused by the device itself, you will hear the test sound of the TV from the speakers at this time.

Why Samsung TV Volume Keeps Muting?

When a user likes to enjoy the sound of their TV it is a real hassle and a big problem if the sound is completely turned off without warning. When it comes to Samsung TV solving the problem is very easy in most cases. First, you should try, as already mentioned, to replace the batteries on the remote control, and then press and hold the ‘power’ button for 10 seconds. 

This is a remote control reset procedure. If this process didn’t help, try the second option. Set Samsung TV to standby and follow these steps: Info> Menu> Mute> Power. In this way, you will open the ‘service menu’ option within which the ‘Reset’ option should be selected. Once the TV is turned off, it will be set to Plug and Play mode so that when it is turned on again, the digital and analog audio amplifier will be reset.

Why Samsung TV Volume Won’t Mute?

It is certainly a problem when the user wants to enjoy watching his favorite program on TV and the device is constantly going into mute mode. However, the problem is when the user needs and wants to use the mute option and it does not work. This is the case reported by many Samsung TV users who are worried about the fact that their mute option suddenly does not work or that the TV generally loses the mute option. Here is the solution.

On a Samsung TV, this problem could be solved quickly by simply changing the batteries in the remote control. First, you need to check if the batteries are charged, if they are not in the remote control you should put new ones. If the battery replacement itself does not solve the problem, remove the batteries and then put them back in the remote control, press the ‘power’ button for 10-60 seconds and then turn on the TV again.

How to Adjust Volume on Samsung TV Without Remote

If you need to mute your Samsung TV and can’t find the remote, there is a solution for this. Without much effort, the device can be muted without a remote control. Samsung TV has a built-in function controller on its base with which you can adjust HDMI, turn the TV on or off, change the program and, of course, control the volume. 

To control the volume on a Samsung TV without the remote control you need to find the Jog control, which is usually located on the back or right side frame of the TV. Select the volume down or volume up button and you will be able to adjust the volume on the Samsung TV without the remote control.

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How To Remove Samsung Volume Display That Is Stuck on Screen?

When the user wants to adjust the volume of the TV, it is very useful to have a display that appears on the screen with the help of which he can monitor his actions. But surely no one wants the display to stay on the screen the whole time while watching a program. If this is exactly the situation that happens to you, or if the display that accompanies the sound setting stays on the screen all the time, there is a quick solution that will eliminate the problem in just a few minutes! 

To remove the volume display from the Samsung screen the best solution is TV reset. The reset does not have to be done by remote/options. Just disconnect the TV cable directly from the socket while the TV is still running. Then wait about one minute and reconnect the TV cable to the socket. The volume display will certainly disappear after this move.


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