8 Steps to Program Garage Door Opener In Car Without Remote

Today, almost all garage doors are opening by using a remote controller that transmits a signal to the doors for them to open. But what if you wanted to program your garage door and set it up so that you don’t need a remote? Yes, it is possible. The whole process of connecting a garage door opener to your car without the use of a remote can be done easily and without any previous experience.

But there are also car-based controllers (buttons) that are installed inside the car. These buttons need to be synchronized in order to work with your garage door. You will find that some cars on their control panel have multiple buttons, which means that you can even use multiple garage doors. In this article, we’ll explain how to program them. So, let’s start.

How To Program Garage Door Opener Without Remote

So How to Program Garage Door Opener In Your Car Without a Remote? To program a garage door opener without a remote, you first need to ‘clear’ the old memory on your buttons. The next step is to set a new car button and press the ‘learn code’ button on your garage door opener. Lastly, go to your car and confirm 3 times the button with which you want your garage doors to work.

There are a few ways how you can program a garage door opener and connect it remotely with your car. It all depends on whether you are using a built-in controller that is installed in your car or just a remote controller. These devices are usually installed on your car ceiling or near the control panel. In the following chapters, we will explain each step in detail, what you need to do.

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8 Easy Steps To Program Garage Door Opener Without Remote:

Steps To Program Garage Door OpenerDescription
Step 1: Find The Garage Door Control PanelJust look for your garage door control panel.
Step 2: Study The Control Panel For A Few MinutesUnderstand which button is for what.
Step 3: Clean The Old MemoryBefore you program the new button, clear the old memory.
Step 4: Program The New Button In Your CarSelect the new button that you want to use.
Step 5: Press the “Learn Code” ButtonOn your garage door opener, click on the ‘learn code’ button.
Step 6: Complete The Process By Confirming The ButtonNow you need to confirm that new button.
Step 7: Test Your Programmed Button In Your CarJust test it, and see if everything is working normally.
Step 8: Store your Remote Controller SafelyYou can now store your remote in a safe place.

Everything will be explained in much more detail below, so keep reading. For those who want to know more, you can also read this interesting article, How Much Electricity (kWh) Does a Garage Door Opener Use.

How Does a Garage Door Communicate with Your Car?

The first thing you need to understand is that there is no “general” garage door opener. The most majority of garage door openers are controlled by a central computer (board). This means that garage door openers work by using a remote that can be installed in your car or carried by hand. Remote sends a signal to a receiver that is built into the garage door opener unit.

Garage door openers operate at a certain frequency (usually 315 or 390 MHz). Once the receiver on that unit receives a radio signal, it triggers the door to open or close. Sometimes it can happen that your remote doesn’t trigger the doors to open/close. In that case, the reason can be that the radio signal is interrupted. The most common cause for this is that your remote needs a new battery.

How To Program Garage Door Opener In Car Without a Remote

Step 1: Find The Garage Door Control Panel

Garage Door Opener Buttons

The first step is to check what type and model of garage door opener you have. You can use the user manual to find out the model and see where the buttons are located. Also, look for the built-in buttons in your car. Since each differs in design and functions, it is necessary to see does it have a ‘program’, ‘learn’, or similar button on its keypad. Keep in mind that these buttons are usually located above the driver’s seat. Some keypads beside number buttons have letters also. Once you have found the keypad buttons, we can move on to the next step.

Note! This also applies to the HomeLink garage door openers.

Step 2: Study The Control Panel For A Few Minutes

Study The Manual For A Few Minutes

Now that you have found out what type of garage door opener model you have, the next step is to study it to see which button is for what. We recommend that you use your garage door opener user manual to see the key details of your controller. As noted, your garage door control panel will likely have a “program” or “learn code” button on it. The goal is to erase previous parameters and program new ones. But before you start, you need to understand which key is for what.

Step 3: Clean The Old Memory

Clear the Old Memory For Car Buttons

Now you need to get in your car and clear out the previous memory on your buttons. You will do this by simultaneously pressing and holding the first and the third button on your panel for a few seconds. As you hold the buttons, the LED light (usually red) will come on. Keep holding until the LED light starts flashing. It can take between 5 to 20 seconds, depending on the type and model you have. After you notice that the light is flashing, let go of the buttons. Congratulations, you now cleared the old memory.

Note! You can now test it, to confirm that you have done everything correctly. Try to press the first button to see if your garage door will open. The garage door should not open!

Step 4: Program The New Button In Your Car

Program The New Button In Your Car

Now you must use your garage door opener remote to program the new button in your car. Select the button with which you want the garage door to open, and at the same time press that car button with the remote control button. Continue to hold it until the LED light (red light) starts to flash. When you see the flash, you can stop. You’re almost done.

Step 5: Press the “Learn Code” Button

Learn Code’ Button For Programming Garage Door Opener

Now come in your garage and find the garage door opener. Now you need to look for a ‘program’ or ‘learn code’ button. Usually, they are located on the back of your garage door opener. Once you find that button, press it. There will be an LED light that will start blinking once you press it.

Step 6: Complete The Process By Confirming The Button

Complete The Process With New Button

After you clicked the ‘learn code’ button, you have around 30 seconds to finish this process. Go inside your car and press 3 times the button that you just programmed. This will connect your garage door opener to that button. Once you do this, the garage doors should start closing. Also, be sure that your car is at the right distance from the garage doors to work.

Note! As mentioned above, some garage door openers come with a marked ‘program’ or ‘learn’ button. That button is usually located at the top of the keypad on the garage door opener.

Step 7: Test Your Programed Button In Your Car

Testing Programed Button In Your Car

Now that you’ve completed the entire programming process, it’s time to test it and see if everything is working normally. Get in your car, drive a little further from your house (garage), and on return when you arrive in front of the garage, press the button you programmed to see if the garage door will open. If everything is normal, then this is it. Congratulations, you now programmed your garage door opener with your car.

Step 8: Store your Remote Controller Safely

Once you have completed the entire process and successfully programmed your car buttons, you will no longer need a remote transmitter. But instead of getting rid of it, store it in a safe place, because one day you may need it. If the buttons stop working, you will need a remote controller. On the other hand, if something happens to your car (got stolen, or used by someone else), they can easily use the remote controller. Don’t forget to take out the batteries from your remote so they don’t run out while they’re stored.

If you want to see how this whole process looks, you can watch this great YouTube video.

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Q&A: People Also Ask

1. Can I Program My Garage Door Opener To My Phone?

By using an app-integrated receiver it is possible to program your garage door opener with your iPhone or Android smartphone. There are several companies that have the ability to wired receivers in the existing garage door opener which allows you to pair it with an app that can be installed on your smartphone.

2. Can You Get A New Garage Door Opener Remote?

It is possible to get a new garage door opener remote by contacting the manufacturer. You just need to mention which model you are using so they can send you the appropriate remote for your garage door opener.

3. Can I Convert My Garage Door Opener To WIFI?

Almost every garage door opener has the ability to retrofit the Wi-Fi and MyQ with the system. If you want to connect MyQ with your smartphone, your garage door opener system must be connected to the internet.

4. Why Do Garage Door Remotes Have 3 Buttons?

Garage door remotes have 3 buttons placed on their remote where one is used for opening, the other is for closing, and the third one is used to lock the garage doors.

5. What Frequency Does HomeLink Use?

Most garage door openers including the HomeLink work with a 315 MHz radio receiver frequency. The 310 MHz is a non-standard frequency anymore.

Final Thoughts

All in all, programming your garage door opener with your car, where you don’t need a remote is a very easy process that everyone can do. Many garage door opener manufacturers already have their user manuals on how to properly program them with your car, so you don’t need to worry. Although most of these products have an almost identical setup method, it would be advisable to read the manual and see each step. Usually, most of these procedures require two to three setup steps. I hope this article has helped you, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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