11 Best Front Door Colors For a Red Brick House

For the exterior design homes, especially those that are built in the Colonial and Georgian style, the Red brick is a very popular choice. When a suitable front door is installed with this appearance, there is no doubt that everyone who sees it will be amazed.

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which front door color would best suit a house with an exterior red brick wall. Dark shades of the front door can give the newly built home that special vintage charm, while light shades of the front door can red brick home of traditional look pick up.

The gloomy look of a red brick home can instantly brighten up door shade colors like white, red, or orange. But there are still so many front door colors available that many homeowners find it difficult to make the right choice right away.

Below we bring you an overview of tips and tricks that will surely make your decision easier when it comes to choosing a front door color for your red brick house.

How To Choose a Door Color for Red Brick Exterior?

Before choosing a color for the front door, it is important to consider your overall red brick look and then match the front door’s color with what you already have. Bricks of many different styles can be found on the market. Especially if we are talking about bricks of red shades with popular granulation and patterns. Even simple red brick comes in a large selection of patterns and colors.

Some types of red brick have an orange undertone, while others, very similar in appearance, are dominated by brown. When you need to determine which tone suits the best on your red brick house, try several colors side by side. Then compare the colors you choose with your red brick to determine which shade for the front door suits you best.

Although red brick is considered to be an ideal choice for almost everything, it is pointed out that dark front door colors and those that emphasize contrast versus brick color are the best choices. The gray and green shades of the front door are also claimed to be the perfect combination of red brick.

For a stunning finish when it comes to the front door, many recommend a classic white color or creamy white with decorative borders. Burgundy red and chocolate shades of brown stand out as a winning combination when choosing a front door. Below we will show you these examples.


Suppose you are brave and want a front door that suits your personality, a good choice is rich hues such as dark brown or earthy green. In this case, red brick black color with a glossy coating is a good choice. Note, if you decide on these colors, pay special attention to creating a contrast between the color of your front door, decorations, and the red brick itself. That way, the exterior of your home will really stand out from the crowd.

Even after reading this, you can’t decide which front door color to choose? We advise you to take a walk around your neighborhood and pay attention to what color choices other homeowners have on their homes. Be critical. Ask yourself, do the colors they choose to highlight the house are good or not? Are the contrasts comfortable to look at?

If you are already thinking about a color for the front door that inspired you this way. In that case, you can easily avoid making the same mistakes when decorating the house’s exterior as your neighbors did, thus potentially increasing the price of your property. Since there are many different red bricks shades, we have compiled an overview of our favorite colors for the front door, which perfectly suit the red brick style of exterior decoration.

11 Front Door Colors That Suits a Red Brick House

1. Classic Red

Classic red color for Brick house

Many are tempted to choose a neutral color for their front door. Why do it if, for example, there is a rich red color available? If you like to stand out and cheer up with vivid colors the best option for your red brick home is burgundy red. It is a color that strongly attracts the eye to your house since red front doors are a sign of courage. Also, red shades on the front door are considered to be extremely attractive when it comes to red brick style.

If you want to attract attention at the entrance to your home and make it clear that its owners are full of life, the bright red color that bursts with energy is the best choice. In addition, there is a belief that the color red brings well-being and abundance to the home. One should also know that red door front colors are always pleasing to the eye and are easily noticeable.

When the red brick style is rounded in several tones, a good choice is a dark red. With the addition that in such cases, it breaks the red monotony. To further impress passers-by in this context you can frame the front door with black or white decorations. See how amazing the classic red brick house looks! The red doors perfectly match the white window frames and appropriate decorations.

2. Deep Burgundy

Deep Burgundy Color for Brick House

The second best choice besides red for your front door is burgundy. It is a color you can’t go wrong with since it exudes richness and warmth like the red brick style itself. To prevent the front door in this color from completely taking over the first impression that leaves your home from the outside, you can soften it with a frame in gray or white.

The winning combination is to choose burgundy red as the predominant color of 20% with white decorations of 10%. In this case, red burgundy doors blend perfectly with red brick house gentle shades, white frames, and decorations.

3. Traditional White

Traditional White Color For Brick House

White is always a good choice when choosing the color of the front door for a red brick house. At the same time, white is a common choice. It is also chosen as the predominant color and the color of the frame. If the white front door and white garage door stand out too much in the brick house, some of the neutral colors such as beige or gray can be added to soften the impression.

4. White and Gray

White and Gray Color For Brick House

If you’ve always wanted shades of white and gray on your front door, but you weren’t sure it was the right choice, dismiss the doubts. Today you can make that decision for your red brick house! Shades of white and gray help to highlight the red tones of the brick in a subtle way.

When shades of red and orange dominate the exterior, as you can see here, the front door of mild tones of white and gray will blend well. This example shows how sophisticated the house with red windows gray and white decorations look.

5. Warm Brown

Warm Brown Color For Brick House

If the exterior walls of your home are predominantly earth tones, warm brown color is a good choice. It is a combination that fits perfectly with all the other elements on the house, decorations, and front door. You can see in the example how the earth tones of brown and red blend perfectly, and how the overall look can be further enhanced by glass panels placed on both sides of the front door.

6. Stately Black

Stately Black Color For Brick House

At first glance, the black front door immediately associates your house with the Colonial and Georgian-style houses. Shiny black doors are a great choice for your red brick home. It perfectly matches the red brick walls of deep tones and gives the house a traditional look.

See, for example, how the black door completely changed the look of this old red brick house. A dose of elegance to the house’s overall look built in the Dutch style was added by black window frames and metal accessories.

7. Sunny Yellow

Sunny Yellow Color For Brick House

It can be said that a few colors stand out, like a sunny yellow color. When this color is placed next to a row of red brick walls, a feeling of happiness cannot be avoided. The yellow color on the door is a warm welcome for guests, and at the same time, it fits perfectly with the environment surrounding the house. By the way, the combination of yellow and red is always a great choice for vintage homes.

8. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt Blue Color For Brick House

Like red, cobalt blue is considered rich and strong. Front doors in this color leave a strong impression. If you are a fan of a bold style, this color is a great choice for you. But if there is a fear that the front door of this color will completely take over the house’s exterior, you can pair it with some neutral color like beige, white or yellow.

This example shows how the decorations and frames were made in white, and in yellow 20% and 10% of the color were used for the handle. Due to this color approach, the house stands out but does not take up the entire space that surrounds it.

9. Celeste Blue

Celeste Blue Color For Brick House

Since green, blue and red are complementary colors, a good choice for the front door can also be celeste blue or turquoise blue. Darken shades of green also work very well with red brick exterior walls without completely taking over. Tones of green and blue give the house a natural look and blend easily into the environment. In this example, it can be very well noticed that celeste blue doors are a great combination of red brick walls. All this combined with large windows.

10. Teal Green

Teal Green Color For Brick House

Teal color is the perfect choice for you if you like a combination of blue and green in darker shades. It is also a great choice if you want a calm front door look that will reduce the effect of dark red. As in the example, it is recommended to add neutral colors to the door frame to further emphasize the whole combination without affecting the atmosphere you want to achieve by choosing a teal green front door.

11. Pumpkin Orange

Pumpkin Orange Color For Brick House

It is clear that red can easily blend with a warm color like orange. When it comes to this combination, there are several different options. For the effect of a modern and bright space, neutral colors such as beige, white, blue, or green in softer shades should be added. If you want a traditional look, it is good to add dark and warm shades of gray, blue, or black.

Best Way To Finish the Look by Adding Other Elements

Most red brick homes have additional decorative solutions on exterior walls such as archers and trims that do not dominate the space with their color. Also, the choice of the right color for the front door is influenced by the garden’s appearance. If there is a lawn or yard that is filled with flowers in front of the house, the recommendation is to choose neutral colors. But when the yard is filled only with greenery, good choices are strong tones. The garden’s look should certainly not be neglected when choosing the color for the front door.

Once you finally decide on the color of your front door, you should keep in mind that you can beautify the entrance to your home with some more elements. Carefully maintained access to the house and the well-groomed greenery that surrounds the house will impress sighs from every passer-by. When brown or orange tones predominate in your red brick house, you can plant succulents or rose bushes next to the front door to further enhance the look of your home.

When red bricks are paired with white accessories on your outside wall, it is wise to plant white flowers that bloom intensely. Also, in this combination, the appearance of the exterior space is further enhanced by metal details – handles and knock.

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Final Thoughts

A nice trim with grass or a glass frame around the front door is a good choice for a finishing touch that delights. You can also place a decorative wreath on the door that will further emphasize the beauty of your home, and it will stand out among your neighbor’s house for sure! With this overview of color options for the front door, we believe that you can make the best choice for your red brick home. Once you install the front door, no doubt your house will not go unnoticed in the neighborhood!

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