At What Height Should the TV Be Placed?

You just bought a 42” or 55” TV? And now the question arose: at what height should you hang your TV to get the maximum pleasure from watching the movie? By knowing the correct size of your TV, you can easily determine the height at which your TV needs to be placed.

After all, the viewing angle, range, and mounting height affect the quality of picture perception. Let’s look at the last point – the height and method of mounting the display.

At What Height Should the TV Be Placed?

So, at What Height Should the TV Be Placed? Experts recommend that a 42” television should be mounted around 56 inches off the ground, a 55” TV should be at around 61 inches, a 65” TV at around 65 inches from the floor to center, while the 70” TV should be mounted about 67 inches to the center.

To optimize your viewing experience, specialists suggest mounting your TV to align with your seated eye level. Typically, this means positioning the center of the screen approximately 42 inches off the ground for most people. Still, depending on your specific arrangement, you might prefer to set your TV slightly above eye level.

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Why TV Height Matters So Much?

The TV must be set at a certain height so that the viewer can get the best possible view. After all, it will be almost impossible to watch it from the sofa, and bedside that, tables also come in different heights.

What can the incorrect position of the TV lead to?

  • Ceiling mounted or too high. You have to watch your favorite films from the bottom up. Constant neck tension leads to muscle cramps, headaches, and even dizziness.
  • Placed on the floor or a very low stand. The opposite action to high fasteners. To view, you have to look down constantly. A tilted head leads to discomfort, migraines, fatigue, and bad mood.

Solutions: Purchase a bedside table of a suitable size or fix the panel to the wall, which allows you to make a bracket, fasteners included in the TV package. It remains to choose at what height to hang the TV on the wall.

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How To Calculate the Proper Height For Your TV

To understand the best and idle height to mount the TV in your house, we first need to know what size the TV is, your viewing distance, the eye-level height from which you will watch, and your sitting angle. After we know all of these parameters, we can find the perfect position to set your TV.

First, you need to understand that the TV’s size greatly impacts the mounting height. When you purchase a TV, the size is highlighted on the box and can be 42”, 45”, 52”, 60” etc. If you already have an existing TV and don’t remember the size, you just need to measure the diagonal of your TV screen. The formula that needs to be used to set your TV at the perfect height is the following:

TV Viewing Distance (VD) = TVS * 1.67. With this formula, you will get the optimum TV viewing distance.

Example: If you have 55” TV, then the optimal Viewing Distance (VD) is 92 inches (55 x 1.67)

TV SizeFloor to TV Center + ELH (40”)Viewing Distance
Table with Viewing Distance to put Your TV on

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How Does the Room Affect the Location of the TV

The height from the floor to hang the TV depends not only on the parameters of the equipment but also on the room where it is located. There are some recommendations for placing a TV in the hall, living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Let’s analyze them in more detail.

1. Mounting Your TV in the Living Room

A living room is a common room where most often households spend their leisure time arranging festive events, and therefore, it is the perfect place to have a TV. The height of the TV depends on the parameters of the furniture. If the sofas from which the viewing is conducted have a classic height, then it is worth fixing the equipment at a 70-175 cm level from the pier.

The exception is the Japanese-style living room, where the seating area is low cushions on the floor. In this version, the technique is located low at a 10-15 cm distance.

Note: If guests are constantly changing, then you can set the TV on a special movable bracket. For example, the ND AVA 1500-60-1P stand adjusts the height in the range of 50 cm. So the question of how far from the floor to hang the TV in the living room will fade into the background.

2. Mounting Your TV in the Bedroom

The optimal height of the TV on the wall in the bedroom depends on the dimensions of the room itself and on the location of the bed from which you are viewing. Most often, the TV is placed on the opposite surface. The level also depends on the height of the furniture.

For example, if a person watches TV while lying down, it is desirable to place the screen parallel to the furniture so that the center of the screen is at eye level. It should be borne in mind that the LCD panels will have to bend a little, by about 30 ⁰, to get the most comfortable viewing angle.

In the bedroom, you should also give preference to adjustable brackets. This will avoid making new holes in the wall to move the TV.

Important! TFT LCD panels are sensitive to vertical positioning. Setting this technique low will increase the contrast and make the picture appear dark. Conversely, too high a position will result in visual bleaching of the screen.

3. Mounting Your TV in the Kitchen

In the kitchen, it is important to consider the distance and height and the location of other household appliances. Do not install the TV close to heating radiators, gas stoves, or other heating elements. In those areas, it’s too hot, and the TV will quickly deteriorate. It is also worth bypassing the installation near a sink and other water sources. Also, remember that high humidity is the enemy of digital technology.

Most often, in small kitchens, where no more than 2 people are simultaneously, the TV is installed for the background. It includes serials or music channels. In this version, TV is often installed on a separate bedside table or on the refrigerator.

Wall mounting is possible in large rooms such as a dining room. There it is already worth considering the distance from the dining table, the height of the chairs, and the sofas. And follow the general rules for placing the screen at the eye level of the beholder.

Important! Do not hang a TV in front of the window. Direct sunlight is a source of glare that interferes with viewing. If this is the only place where you can hang the equipment, it is worth purchasing thick textile curtains that do not let in direct rays.

4. Mounting Your TV in the Kids Room

Not all parents welcome the presence of a TV in the children’s room, but still, they often install a TV there. When installing it, it is important to consider the child’s age, height, and mobility. It is worth placing the TV so that there is a good view from any point, like floor, bed, or armchair. Often, the equipment is located in a corner with a movable arm.

Important! In the children’s room, the height of the TV outlet on the wall is taken into account. Children should not play with electricity, especially small ones. Therefore, the sockets are placed as high as possible, covering them with decorative panels or other furniture.

What Influences the Choice of TV Location

The TV model affects the choice of installation height. Rounded panels are difficult to fix to the wall – the rounded corners will protrude strongly. But flat TVs are easy to fix anywhere.

The choice of the viewing distance of films and the fixation height is influenced by the screen diagonal and the size of the equipment. The correct values ​​can be calculated using the formula L = kD, where the letters indicate the following:

  • L – distance from the display;
  • D is the diagonal of the TV;
  • K is the resolution ratio, for example, for HD, it is 2.3, for Full HD – 1.56, and for UHD – 0.7.

Let’s understand the formula using an example. Purchased TV with FullHD resolution and 32-inch diagonal. We apply the formula: 32 * 2.54. We get the location range – 81.28 cm.

The height of the TV from the floor is calculated on a conditional straight line from the eye level of the viewer. At the same time, it is important to sit comfortably on the furniture with which the TV viewing will go. As a result, the dimensions are arbitrary. The distance to the TV is the minimum indicator for a good perception of the picture.

Interesting fact. Doctors advise placing the equipment at a distance of 175 cm, with a height of 75 cm from the floor to the lower edge of the display.

Are Calculations Always Necessary?

TV Height Calculations

Not everyone is pleased to use formulas and calculations to understand at what height to hang a TV on the wall. Most TV users do not calculate the exact distance to the TV or the height from the floor.

Note: It is better to decide where you will mount your TV before buying it. After all, the diagonal and distance from the TV affect the perception of the picture. Too large screens in a small room spoil the experience of watching movies.

Let’s figure out at what height to hang the TV, without complicated calculations:

  • It is important to keep in mind posture changes when watching TV. They often watch movies in a reclining position, lying down. And you have to keep your head tilted or turned to the side. As a result, the neck becomes numb. Therefore, the screen should be placed at the level of a person’s eyes in a relaxed, familiar position.
  • The simplest scheme for calculating the minimum distance from the TV to the sofa is to double the screen diagonal. For example, we multiply 45 inches by 2.5 (this is to get centimeters from inches) and it turns out that you need to put the TV at a distance of 112.5 cm.

If you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to watch this YouTube video:

Note: If the TV is located in the corner diagonally from the bed or sofa, then you should not hang equipment. It is better to place it on a special pedestal so that you can rotate the screen if necessary.

Medical Recommendations For TV Placement

All formulas, advice on the position of technology, based on convenience, these six points can summarize medical recommendations:

  1. At eye level for the seated viewer, the display’s center point should be at one-third of the bottom of the TV.
  2. The distance from the floor to the center point is 1 to 1.3 m.
  3. The growth of a person is taken into account. If the viewer is up to 160 cm, then the location to the point is from 1.1 to 1.15 m, for tall moviegoers – from 1.2 to 1.3 meters.
  4. It is important to consider the height of the furniture.
  5. If TV is most of the time watched from different points, then the average height of the TV on the wall is taken, considering the viewer sitting on the sofa.
  6. It is necessary to leave room for the possibility of turning the TV. For this, there are movable fasteners included in the kit.

When choosing the display location, the main parameters are the height from the floor to the display’s center and the audience’s distance. 

Important! The larger the diagonal, the lower the technique is to the floor. But this reduces the level of security. After all, it is easier to break a low-hanging panel. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the height of the TV on the wall from the floor up to 1.5 meters.

Separate adjustments to the height of the position of the equipment are made by consoles, Xbox, and other equipment needed for work. Game consoles are placed at an average height between a seated and a standing spectator. Also, the players’ growth is considered because children and adults use the console. Therefore, the average distance from the floor to the center of the screen is 125 cm.

FAQ: People Also Ask

At what height can a 65-inch TV be mounted on a wall?

This implies that for a 65-inch TV, the base should ideally be around 25 inches above the floor. Keep in mind that TV dimensions are gauged diagonally from one corner to the other. Generally, a 65-inch TV has a height of about 32 inches. Nonetheless, it’s wise to manually measure your TV’s height with a tape measure for accuracy.

Where should TV be positioned?

It’s best to position your television away from busy areas and ensure it’s not facing direct sunlight from windows to avoid screen glare. Before finalizing its location and drilling into your wall, take the time to test different placements.

Final Thoughts

In any room, when choosing at what height to hang the TV on the wall, it is important to keep in mind also the right angle. By setting the TV to the correct height you can protect human health so as not to get a severe headache or reduce vision while watching. The main ones include:

  • Do not throw your head back while watching. This puts too much stress on the neck.
  • The minimum distance to the screen is 20-40 cm for TVs up to 100 cm. The larger the diagonal, the further the equipment should be located.
  • Avoid placing your TV on the side of your desktop. The person will constantly be distracted and look askance towards the working technique. This will lead to decreased vision.

Note: If you want to place the TV in furniture, buy a custom-made wall or cabinet, where you indicate the height of the monitor shelf.

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