How Long Can A Frog Live In A Pool? Explained

If you have a pool in your backyard, it is not unusual to notice a frog that is swimming. Frogs often seek pools during hot days to cool off. However, once they’re in, they find it hard to get out due to the slippy edges that most pools have.

As we already know, the chlorine that is used in pools isn’t friendly to frogs, and after some time, frogs will die. Therefore, you might wonder, how long can a frog last in such conditions? In this article, we’ll talk about that. Let’s get started!

How Long Can A Frog Live In A Pool? A frog can live in a pool for up to two days, depending on the chlorine level. High chlorine levels can harm frog skin and block it from breathing, which causes frogs to choke out. If the pool has a low chlorine level, a frog might live longer but will eventually die due to lack of food.

If you spot a frog in your swimming pool, don’t panic! Most of the time, frogs are friendly and won’t harm you. Typically, a frog can live in a pool for about two days. But remember, having a frog in the pool is not good. They won’t hurt you, but they can carry bacteria and fungi to the water. In the following sections, we’ll talk more about this topic. Keep reading to learn more!

Do Frogs Bring Bacteria and Diseases?

Yes, frogs can sometimes carry different kinds of bacteria and fungi that can be passed to people. So, certain types of frogs might bring these unwanted diseases into your pool, which can be a big concern. That’s why keeping your pool clean using chlorine is so important. Make sure you clean your pool often. And a good tip to keep frogs away? Try covering your pool when you’re not swimming to keep them out!

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How to Stop Frogs From Coming to Your Pool?

Fence That Protects Pool From Frogs

Want to keep frogs out of your pool? Try sprinkling some coffee grounds around the pool’s edge. Another trick is spraying a mixture of lemon juice and water around the pool. Setting up a chicken wire fence around your pool is the most effective way. To do this, set up wooden stakes in a square shape and attach the chicken wire to them with nails. This helps create a barrier to keep frogs out.

For more tips, watch this YouTube video that shows how to keep frogs away from your swimming pool.

Why Do Frogs Die In Pools?

Swimming pools have a lot of chlorine, which isn’t good for frogs. Why? Because chlorine eats their skin, making breathing hard for them since they breathe in air through their skin. When there’s too much chlorine, it gets into their body and can hurt them from the inside. Also, frogs really don’t like how chlorine tastes. If you suddenly put a lot of chlorine in a pool, it can kill any frog in there.

Why Too Much Chlorine is Bad for Frogs

The chlorine can damage their skin, making it hard for them to breathe and causing them to become weak and sore. It’s like they get a bad skin rash and slowly lose their strength, which can cause them to drown. This is also a reason why frog eggs don’t usually hatch in pools that have a lot of chlorine.

Why They Die In Low-Chlorine Water

Prevent Frogs From Dying In The Pool

Even in pools with small amounts of chlorine, frogs can have a tough time. This is because they can’t get out of the pool that has low-chlorine water. Just like other creatures that love the water, frogs also need some time on dry land to eat and do what frogs usually do. If they can’t get out, they might not find food and could die.

A simple solution is to place a little ramp to prevent frogs from dying in a pool. This way, if a frog decides it’s time to leave the water, it has an easy way out. The picture above shows an example of such a ramp.

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Why Frogs Aren’t Great For Your Pool?

Having a frog in your pool might not be the best thing. If a frog dies, it can block the pipes in the pool (and stop your plumbing system), which isn’t good. Frog eggs can be another issue; they can mess up the pool’s plumbing and cleaning system. If you see a dead frog or any eggs, cleaning the pool quickly and taking the frog out is what you need to do. Even if the frog is alive, it can still cause some problems. Lastly, don’t forget to call a professional to help you out.

5 Ways To Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool

Prevent Frogs Out Of Your Pool

We’ve discussed how long frogs can live in the pool and what problems they can cause. Now, let’s see what we can do to stop them from entering the pool:

  • Sprinkle lemon juice or citric acid around the pool. Frogs really aren’t fans of the smell of lemon juice and citric acid.
  • Put up a chicken wire fence around the pool. It might cost a bit, but it’s a great way to keep frogs away from your pool.
  • Lay down some salt near the pool. Frogs don’t like it because it’s harsh on their feet. This can help keep them away.
  • Cover your pool when not in use. A pool cover can prevent frogs from jumping in.
  • Keep the yard clean. If you leave your yard clean and mow the grass regularly, frogs will not come.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Do frogs carry diseases in the pool?

Yes, frogs can carry microorganisms and bacteria into a pool. This is because they hang out in muddy spots with many bacteria. But don’t worry too much because most pools have chlorine, which helps to clean the water from bacteria. If frogs spend a lot of time in your pool, they might cause some issues and possibly bring unwanted germs over time.

Do frogs bite?

Most of the time, frogs bite you only if you’re hand-feeding them. If your fingers get too near, they might think you’re food or feel scared. Some types of frogs, like the Pacman frog, are more likely to give you a little bite. While these bites usually aren’t painful, if they break your skin, there’s a chance you could catch bacteria from them.

Final Thoughts

During summer days, frogs often look for a place to cool down, which is why you might find them hopping into your pool. Depending on the chlorine level in your pool, frogs can live up to two days. However, too much chlorine can harm them, and they can die even faster.

If you want to discourage frogs from getting into your pool, one trick is to keep your pool with cold water. Yet sometimes, even cool water isn’t enough to keep them away. In such cases, it might be a good idea to use a pool cover or set up a fence, like one made of chicken wire. I hope you’ve found this information useful, and if you have more questions, just drop them in the comments below!

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