How To Cover A Mirror In The Bedroom? (10 Best Ideas)

Today, almost every bedroom has a mirror, which is used on a daily basis. However, when we go to sleep, that mirror can disturb our sleep and create a negative atmosphere in the room. People who know about the Feng Shui method are more familiar with what it means to have a mirror in the bedroom. But is it possible to cover a mirror in the bedroom without ruining the room’s aesthetics? In this article, we’ll explain just that. So, let’s start!

How To Cover A Mirror In The Bedroom? The best way to cover a mirror in the bedroom is to use curtains, wallpapers, stickers, art prints, privacy screens, window film, or by adding plants. That way mirror will be covered without ruining the aesthetic look of the bedroom.

As you can see, there is more than one way to cover your bedroom mirror. Choosing the right method depends on your personal preference. There are cheap ways and more expensive ones. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits you. However, sometimes covering a mirror isn’t a simple thing, and in some examples, we’ll tell you why. So be sure to read the next chapter to find out.

5 Ways to Cover a Mirror in The Bedroom

Everyone expects the bedroom to be a place where the soul and body rest after a hard day. If you are in a situation where you have just started living in a new apartment or house, and the previous owners have installed mirrors on one or more walls in the bedroom that you do not enjoy at all, do not worry. There are easy and budget-friendly methods to get them out of sight! 

Whichever of the methods listed below you choose, the most important thing is to match it with the colors in the room. What to choose for the cover depends on your personal choice. Let’s look at some examples that you can use:

1. Curtains

Using curtains is definetly the simplest solution that requires the least time and effort to cover the bedroom mirror. It is also a great option because it offers the homeowner a wide selection of colors and patterns. Note that curtains are a better option when it comes to large mirrors that cover the entire wall, while blinds work better when you need to cover a mirror that is only on one part of the wall. When we talk about elongated dressing mirrors, it’s not a bad idea to simply cover them with a fabric of an interesting design before going to sleep.

2. Plants

Nature lovers will certainly consider covering an unwanted mirror with the help of plants. How to do it? Hanging plant pots and hanging faux leaves are available. Although the realization of this idea, as well as the further maintenance of the plants, does not make this method the simplest, whoever tries it will agree that it is an option that provides an incredible sleeping atmosphere.

3. Wallpaper

Another popular method to cover a bedroom mirror is to wallpaper it. By using wallpaper, you can not only get rid of the mirror but also get a bonus – the opportunity to make your bedroom shine with a new glow. It is known that effective wallpaper can do wonders when it comes to the interior design of any room.

4. Stickers

Stickers are also a creative way that you can use to cover your bedroom mirror. The benefit of using this method is that the stickers are very cheap. Also, wall stickers are NOT difficult to remove, so when you want to change them, you can easily replace them. That’s why stickers are definitely the choice for you if you don’t have a big budget to cover the mirror in the bedroom and you tend to redecorate your home often.

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5. Use Home Art

If you want to cover your bedroom mirror with something special, and you’re also prone to artistic projects, why not turn the bedroom mirror into a family photo gallery? Choose your favorite photos and put them in light frames (avoid heavy materials, like metal). Then simply stick the frames on the mirror with the help of removable tape. If the photos you want to put on the wall are already in frames, we recommend sticking them on a mirror without a frame.

Can You Put Home Pictures on Your Bedroom Mirror?

There’s no reason not to stick unframed photos directly onto the mirror. You can arrange them over the mirror in any formation you want or simply turn the mirror into an interesting and happy collage of memories with the help of stickers, glitter, nail polish, and permanent markers. Polaroid photos look especially good in projects like this.

5 Additional Methods To Cover A Bedroom Mirror

Covering bedroom mirror

After we have gone through 5 basic examples of how you can cover your bedroom mirror, we will now give some additional ‘creative’ methods that you can also use to hide a mirror in the bedroom. If you decide to use one of them, just keep in mind that your work of art over the mirror should match the color and design of the entire room.

1. Add a Privacy Screen

If your bedroom is large, you can hide the mirror from view by installing a privacy screen. You will not only hide the mirror, but you’ll also get a cool, new dressing area. In addition, privacy screens are excellent functional pieces of furniture that decorators are happy to use when their task is to give a shabby chic look to a smaller room. Privacy screens are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

2. Use Large Furniture To Hide A Mirror

It is great if you have a larger piece of furniture that can cover the unwanted mirror. It can be a closet or a large chest. Before you decide on this method, consider whether the piece of furniture you have in mind can have a function in your bedroom.

3. Use Art Poster To Cover A Mirror

Placing a poster over a mirror seems like a genius and simple idea. However, to do this, you’ll need an art poster that fits your mirror dimensions. Posters can often be obtained in only exact dimensions that will rarely match the dimensions of the mirror surface. Before you start cutting and gluing posters on a mirror, take good measurements.

4. Use a Window Film

If you are skilled in DIY projects, a good option for covering mirrors is to use window film. Note that the window film is much more difficult to stick to the surface than wall stickers or wallpaper. Be sure to get an extra pair of hands, so you don’t get stuck with bubbles between the mirror and the film.

  1. Carefully measure the mirror and cut a window film to match the mirror. 
  2. Clean the mirror well with glass washing liquid. 
  3. Start gluing from the top edge of the surface down. 
  4. Get rid of bubbles immediately with the help of a sponge or roller. 
  5. At the ends, tuck the film well into the corners and cut off the excess with the help of a scalpel.

5. Paint the Bedroom Mirror

When you are 100% sure that you will never need to use a mirror, a good method is to paint it. You should choose a quality paint that adheres well to the glass, and be sure that the person who will paint the mirror knows what he is doing – because once the paint is on the mirror, there is no going back. If you paint the mirror yourself, don’t forget to apply prime color first.

Why Do Many People Cover Mirrors In The Bedroom?

There are a number of reasons related to why people cover their bedroom mirrors. Some of them believe that another person’s spirit can be found in the mirror, whose presence can harm their health. So it’s no surprise that even some of the most hardened realists don’t feel comfortable having a mirror in their bedroom. If these superstitions don’t mean anything to you, and the mirror in the bedroom just gets in your way, you can get rid of it with the help of special stickers for mirrors and some other similar solution.

For those who want to learn more, watch this video about bedroom mirrors.

Tips and Suggestions About Bedroom Mirrors

  • For those who want to make a new frame for your mirror or repair an old one, we have some tips. You can easily do this with the help of a few wooden slats and a staple gun. 
  • If you intend to give your mirror a frame, but you are not skilled enough to make one yourself, you can always buy it. Of course, it is a more expensive option. 
  • If simply covering the mirror is not effective or aesthetically acceptable enough for you, a good solution is to install a sliding or folding door. It will also provide excellent protection to the mirror. However, we recommend this move only if you know how to do it yourself since the handyman charges a fortune for the installation of these doors.
  • Are you afraid that the old mirror could unexpectedly fall from the wall, break and injure someone if you put extra weight on it? Feel free to additionally fix it on the wall with the help of a nail gun. 
  • Although you may be tempted to tear the large mirror off the wall completely, we advise you not to do so. As much as you hate it, you will hate even more the empty space it leaves behind. 
  • If you need a mirror in your bedroom instead of a large, old mirror, we recommend that you install a smaller mirror on the inside door in one of the existing cabinets. 
  • Whichever method of hiding the mirror you choose, be sure to first think carefully about the colors and design so that they do not spoil the look of the room. 
  • Have you decided to repaint the mirror and get rid of it forever? Be sure to choose a color that adheres well to glass surfaces. 

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Why we should not put mirror in bedroom?

There are beliefs that mirrors have a negative impact on the energy in the room and thus on the people who stay in it. Some people say that the worst thing is to have a mirror placed opposite the bed.

Is it OK to sleep with a mirror?

Priya Sher, a well-known expert in interior design, points out that mirrors make it difficult to sleep peacefully because they encourage energy to jump in all directions, especially when there is a window opposite the mirror. “Severe sleep disturbances can be caused by large mirrors in bedrooms. With their help, the energy accumulated in the room is transferred from one place to another, which has a bad effect on sleep.”

Final Thoughts

As you can see in this article, there are many methods you can use to cover a mirror in the bedroom. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages and depends on the individual. If your bedroom mirror will never be used again, a simple and smart move is to repaint it with quality paint that adheres well to the glass surface. When you want to remove the mirror from your view temporarily, the ideal solution is a dense curtain or privacy screen. But if you want a long-term but reversible option, a good method is to use wallpaper, window film, or wall art. I hope that this article has helped you.

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