How to Hide a Camera Behind a Mirror? | Complete Guide

Did you know that if you use a two-way mirror you can easily place a camera behind the mirror and record everything? By that, you won’t have to bother placing small cameras in some hidden places like clocks, walls, or a TV. The advantage of a mirror is that you can use larger cameras without being noticed and have a much better resolution on your screen. So let’s see how to properly set up a camera behind the mirror.

How to Hide a Camera Behind a Mirror?

So How to Hide a Camera Behind Mirror? To properly set up a hidden camera behind the mirror you need to choose a two-way mirror, an appropriate place, and the right spy camera. With the use of a two-way mirror, you will be able to place the camera to the opposite side of the mirror and record everything without being noticed.

5 Steps On How To properly Set Up a Hidden Camera Behind a Mirror:

Steps:Short Guidelines
Step 1: Find The Location Inside HouseFind the right spot in the house to get a better view.
Step 2: Chose the Model of Two Way MirrorChoose the type of two way mirror that best suits your environment.
Step 3: Chose the Right CameraLook for a camera that meets your criteria.
Step 4: Set Up The Camera Behind MirrorLean the camera lens against the mirror, and hide it.
Step 5: Test ItRun a test to see if everything is working.

Materials That Are Needed For This Task:

  • Two-way Mirror
  • Mirror frame
  • Spy Camera

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How Two-way Mirrors Work?

A two-way mirror is a window that allows you to see through in one direction but not in the other. This is possible if one side is well-lit while the other is in dark. We have all seen them in the detective series: in the interrogation rooms, the police officer and the suspect are placed on either side of the two-way mirror so that the officer can observe the suspect but not the opposite.

Explanation on How two-way Mirror Works

The two-way mirror is covered with a metallic film which is not opaque as on a normal mirror, but semi-transparent. This is achieved by a film or glass encrusted with opaque micro-particles. Glass is, therefore, more of a dark glass than a mirror. Tinted windows work exactly on this principle.

To obtain a “one-way vision” effect between two rooms separated by a two-way mirror, it’s very simple: the suspect just needs to be in a well-lit room and the police officer is in a very dark room: If there is lighting on both sides, we would see a superposition of the reflected image with the transmitted image. Indeed, the glass lets some of the light passes in both directions.

Different Types of Two-way Mirrors

There are 4 types of two-way mirrors. To choose the best option for your project, you must know your priorities and where you will set up your hidden camera. Will it be in the house, outdoors, or somewhere else? Each type of these two-way mirrors has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it all comes down to your choice

1. Glass Two Way Mirror

This type of two-way mirror glass provides the best privacy in all classes of two way mirrors. It blocks almost all the light that is coming through the mirror and has an 11% transparency. With this two way mirror, you will completely hide the camera but you will get poor video quality and most of the shots will be quite black. This type of mirrors is most commonly used in observation rooms such as police stations. Not recommended to hide the camera behind it.

2. Acrylic Two Way Mirror

If you want to set up a hidden camera indoors, then the acrylic two-way mirror may be a good solution. This mirror comes with 30% transparency, gives a great display quality, and it has silver tone. Keep in mind that the side of the mirror where the camera is located must be completely dark, so you don’t get a reflection that can damage the quality of the image.

3. Glass Smart Mirror (Recommended)

This type of two-way mirror model is basically the same as the acrylic type, only it gives 30% more transparency and it has durable mirror coating. When we tested the Glass Smart Mirror we noticed that it gives the best results among the previous three in terms of recording quality. The camera cannot be seen from the other side even when you approach the mirror.

4. Teleprompter Mirror

The teleprompter mirror is definitely the best two-way mirror that has 70% transparency and gives the best display quality among all four mirrors. The only con with this two-way mirror is that the camera is not completely hidden, and to avoid that you must paint the back part of the mirror in black everywhere except for the place where you will place the camera lens. Not a good choice for this task.

Step-By-Step Guide To Hide Camera Behind the Mirror

Step 1: Find Good Location Inside House

Check For The Perfect Place in Your House To Place A Mirror And The Camera

First of all, you need to find a suitable place where the mirror will fit perfectly in the house and at the same time, you want a good view. If your camera has the ability to connect to an electrical source, it would be desirable to have an electrical socket nearby so you can have an uninterruptible power supply. Cameras that use batteries require much more maintenance so it is better to avoid that. Therefore, try to look for the place where you have an electrical socket.

Step 2: Chose the Model of Two Way Mirror

There Are Different Models of Two Way Mirror

We have clarified that there are 4 types of two-way mirrors and that each of them can serve for this task. Each two-way mirror model is built differently and has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you need to choose the right model that will suit you best based on where you will place the two-way mirror. Will it be outdoors or indoors?

For example, Glass Smart Mirror is the best pick if you want to use your hidden camera indoors. The camera will not be visible and the image quality will be great. The Teleprompter mirror gives the best image among all 4 picks, but also transparency, so the camera can be seen if you get close enough.

Step 3: Chose the Right Camera

See Which Camera Will Best Fit Your Project

Choosing the right camera is also a very important thing for this task! When it comes to the camera, you must pay attention to a few things such as: video resolution, battery life, memory, and size. If the camera has the option to be plugged into an electrical outlet, this would be a great advantage cause you would be able to record 24/7 if you have enough memory. A good lens is also preferred, so you have a clear picture during the day and in darker conditions.

Step 4: Set Up The Camera Behind Mirror

Right Place and Good Camera Will Make The Perfect Combination

To properly set up the camera behind the two way mirror you need to place the camera right next to the mirror, connect it to an electrical source (if it is possible) and make sure that the lens is leaning against the mirror itself.

Once you have done this make sure that the camera cannot be seen from both sides, and that it is not possible to discover it when you get closer. It would be desirable that there is no large distance between the wall and two-way mirror and that everything seems normal like with any other mirror that is normally placed in the house.

Step 5: Test It

After You Set Up Your Camera Behind The Mirror, Test it!

After you have successfully placed the camera behind the mirror, test it to see if you have a good view of the space and if the video quality is good. Sometimes it can happen that the camera does not cover the part you want, so the correct positioning of the camera is necessary. If everything fits, you’re ready to use it!

Why Set Up a Hidden Camera Behind The Mirror?

Surely you are wondering what normal person would place a camera behind a mirror? Well trust me, you would be neither the first nor the last person that would do this. Here are the reasons:

  • Home Security

Home protection. One of the most popular places where people normally know to hide the camera in their house is behind the mirror. As burglaries are becoming more frequent today, people are trying to find ways how to spot and catch thieves. If the camera recorded the thief on the spot it would be easier for the police to identify them. The best mirror for this task would be a glass smart mirror cause it gives the best video quality and at the same time hides the camera completely.

  • DIY Project

After watching a lot of spy movies, you decided to make your own mirror with a hidden camera behind it. Why not? This can be a quite exciting and interesting task if you want to test your skills and see will your housemates notice it or not. You don’t need a lot of time for this, and the making process will be very interesting, trust me!

  • Content Creators & Influencers

If you are a recreational or professional photographer and you are active on social networks, this can be a great tool for you. You will be able to get a LIVE view of yourself while you are filming, so teleprompter glass is the best solution for this! With two way mirror, you will save time and speed up the whole process of taking great pictures! Influencers, here’s a great tool for your business.

  • Kids Surveillance

You don’t trust the kids and would like to supervise them from time to time? Two-way mirrors are an excellent tool for the task. You don’t even need a high definition camera for this job, then just a small ordinary spy camera to see what your kid is up to. That way you will be able to spot his behavior and whether he is doing something he shouldn’t.

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Camera Behind The Mirror Q&A

How Can You Tell if There is a Camera in a Mirror?

If you put your finger on the mirror and there’s no gap between the finger and the image, then it is a two-way mirror that most likely has a hidden spy camera on the other side. If you put your finger on the mirror and there is a gap between the finger and the image, then it’s a real mirror.

Can a Cell Phone Detect a Hidden Camera?

Yes, cell phones can detect any hidden camera, even those that are behind the mirror. You can do that by using the phone’s camera and magnetometer sensor. Today, everyone has a smartphone with a camera, so it is very easy to detect hidden cameras around you. There is also a „hidden camera detector“ app that is available on iPhone and Android that can be also used for such things.

Final Thoughts

Placing a hidden camera behind a mirror can be a very useful and exciting thing especially if you want to monitor the house without anyone knowing it. The types of mirrors that are used for this task are the two-way mirrors that we have described in this article and we have explained all 4 types with their pros and cons. Our choice fell on the Glass Smart Mirror model as it gives the best results for this task with 30% transparency. Now that you are informed with everything about how to place a hidden camera behind a mirror, it’s time for you to try to make your own. Good luck!

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