Samsung Washer VRT – Is it Worth Buying?

Home appliance manufacturers have always competed strongly with each other. The most powerful thing that Samsung has in their hands are innovations, whether they are refrigerators or washing machines. A good example of one such innovation is the VRT washer technology from Samsung

What Is Samsung Washer VRT?

So What Is Samsung Washer VRT? Samsung VRT stands for Vibration Reduction Technology. This technology is used to reduce vibrations during the operation. It uses 36 stainless steel balls that counterbalance the washer’s vibrations during the operation in combination with vibration sensors, leading to the quieter operation mode.

Since the Samsung washer produces less vibration and thus less noise with the help of VRT technology, it provides the user with many more options when choosing the place in the household where the washing machine will be installed. 

Below we will explain in more detail what exactly VRT technology is and what it’s all about. We will also provide you with an insight into the potential problems that Samsung VRT users may encounter.

What Exactly Is VRT Technology?

The VRT stands for Vibration Reduction Technology, which Samsung has developed for their own brand of washing machines. Thanks to the VRT, the washing machines do not vibrate like standard models during the highest speeds of the cycle, but much less. 

But how this is possible?

The construction of the washing machine contains a large metal drum that is placed in a metal frame. During operation, especially at high speeds during the spin cycle, the drum bangs on the frame, and vibrations occur. The more vibration the louder is the noise.

With the help of Samsung VRT technology, there is less noise during operation. The washing machine achieves such an effect with the help of 36 stainless steel balls that balance the drum full of laundry in the wash. As the drum of the washing machine rotates at high speed, the VRT balls cancel out the vibrations coming out of the washing machine, which results in a quiet Samsung washing machine.

What Are Pros And Cons Of VRT?

Samsung VRT technology at first glance has a number of advantages. But you should keep in mind that it also has several drawbacks. Below we bring you an overview of the pros and cons of Samsung washing machines with VRT technology.

The Pros Of The Samsung Washer VRT

Reduced Vibration and Noise

The best feature of Samsung VRT technology is that it reduces noise by reducing vibration. The conclusion is that it is great to have a Samsung VRT washing machine since it is a device with an innovation that solves the chronic problem that users have with washing machines – their noise.

More Flexibility To Install Washing Machine

We have already pointed out that the noise of traditional washing machines is their biggest drawback, which is why homeowners try to place them in rooms where their noise is the least annoying. So washing machines often end up in garages and basements. 

Where the washing machine goes other devices related to laundry care also is usually installed.  It would certainly be simpler if your laundry room could be in a more convenient space. If the washing machine vibrates less, it is less noisy, and that is possible!

The Cons Of The Samsung Washer VRT

The Washer Can Stop Operation

VRT technology is based on vibration sensors which, with the help of 36 stainless steel balls, reduce vibration and thus the noise of the device. The problem occurs when these sensors detect that the drum is creating too much vibration and go a step further – they slow down the drum, and in some cases completely stop washing the laundry

Washing machine operation can slow down if the load inside is not well balanced or if the drum is not properly loaded. This is a frustrating problem, especially if you want to clean your laundry but you can’t.

What Are Samsung VRT Washer Problems?

Samsung VRT washing machines are still under development, which means that they show occasional difficulties in operation.

Vibration Problems With Samsung VRT Washer

Although the main goal of Samsung VRT washing machines is to produce less vibration, they too have vibration-related difficulties. There are several reasons why this happens:

  • The washer is uneven. 
  • Prohibited items are in the drum. 
  • The transport screws have not been removed before the first wash. 
  • Defective damper, support ball or spring. 

We will consider each of these issues below.

The Washer Is Uneven

The washing machine will produce a lot of vibration and be very noisy no matter where you have installed it if you have not done it precisely enough. When installing the appliance, you must be very careful and make sure that you place the washing machine on a completely flat surface

Make sure to try it until you adjust it on the flat surface. Also, when installing a washer it is important to check the stability of the floor on which it will stand. Wooden floors whose parts are unstable can also have a bad effect on amplifying vibrations.

Prohibited Items Are In The Drum

Although we all know that all pockets must be emptied when putting clothes to wash. It happens to everyone that they fail to do so on one item of clothing. This one item can cause additional vibration and noise suddenly coming from the washing machine.

When this happens, stop the cycle and carefully inspect each piece of clothing. Additionally, after removing all the clothes from the drum, check the drum itself to make sure that some of the forgotten items in the clothes are not inside.

Some will think that the little things we forget in our pockets cannot harm the washing machine or significantly affect its noise. But if you consider that we can keep metal objects in our pockets, such as toys, keys, or coins, it is clear how much noise a small metal object can create when spins at high speed in a metal drum.

The Shipping Bolts Aren’t Removed

Front-loading washing machines come to our homes protected from damage during transport with bolts attached to the back of the appliance. It can happen that the person who installs the device forgets to remove these bolts. So even at the first wash, you can be shocked by the amount of vibration and noise generated by the new washing machine, which makes washing an extremely unpleasant process!

A Damper, Rear Ball Bearing, Or Spring Is Faulty

Samsung’s washing machines use a range of carefully placed springs, dampers, and support parts for a reliable operation aimed at reducing vibrations. If any of these parts are installed incorrectly or broken vibrations and noise during operation can become worse. To enjoy the work of your washing machine again you need to replace the parts with the correct ones.

Spin Problems With The Samsung VRT Washer

What to do if your Samsung VRT washing machine does not spin or spin too slowly? 

There are two reasons why this happens. 

  • VRT technology has detected too much vibration.
  • There is too much laundry in the washing machine.

What happens in such cases?

The Washer Might Has Detected Too Much Vibration

We have already explained what can be the cause of the Samsung washing machine producing too much vibration. The side effect of too much output vibration alarms the vibration sensor that is part of VRT technology. If the sensor inside the washing machine detects too many vibrations inside, it then slows down the washer. 

The consequence can be that the drum of the washing machine rotates very slowly or that it stops rotating at all. The vibration sensor in this way seeks to reduce excess vibrations and lower them to a level that is acceptable.

There is too much laundry in the washing machine

Today, home appliances are far smarter than they used to be. So, for example, a Samsung washing machine will not even run a final spin if it has too much clothing in the drum for it to go at maximum speed. The reason for this is that the system recognizes a high risk of damage to the device in this case.

Also, washing machines can slow down the rotation of the drum if the clothes in the drum are not evenly distributed. For example, if pieces of clothing got tangled and stuck on one side of the drum. The operation of the drum will slow down until the load in the drum is evenly distributed again.

Drain Problems With Samsung VRT Washer

The basic operation on which the washing machine operates must be met in order to avoid interruptions in operation. Before the drum starts to rotate, it must be filled with water, and after the washing is finished, the washer must drain the water completely. One of the most common problems when it comes to operating a washing machine is the problem of draining water. 

Here are some causes of drainage problems with Samsung VRT washing machines. 

  • The drain hose is clogged
  • The drain pump filter is clogged

What happens in such cases?

The Drain Hose Is Clogged

Water from the washing machine exits through a drain hose. When the hose is clogged or bent in a way that slows down the flow of water, the water cannot be pulled out of the washing machine completely. First, you need to check the hose, carefully every inch to make sure that something is not clogged or that it is not bent. It is recommended, if possible, to remove the pipe and wash it with a garden hose.

The Pump Filter Is Clogged

Lastly, keep in mind that the Samsung washing machine has a pump filter also. You need to look for it and when you find it separates it from the system and cleans the filter well. On the filter, you will usually find dirt, coins, small items of clothing such as socks and lint. Keep in mind that these items accumulate on the filter over time, when a critical number of them are created, and for that reason, water can no longer be drained from the washer.

FAQ: People Also Ask

What does VRT mean on a Samsung washer? 

The VRT is Vibration Reduction Technology, and it is an innovation in the operation of a washing machine that significantly reduces the vibration of the device. Note, there is also VRT Plus technology which, with the help of improved sensors, makes the washer even quieter compared to the basic VRT!

How do I reset my Samsung VRT washer?

It is recommended to follow these steps: disconnect the washing machine from the power source, wait for all the electricity to be discharged from the washer, which usually takes up to 5 minutes, turn the appliance on again. This procedure is the only one that can be called ‘reset’ washer.

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