Can You Pee In a Hot Tub? Expert Explains

If you own a hot tub, you might wonder what will happen if someone urinates in your tub. Well, you’re not alone in that thought. Surprisingly, this is more common than many think. We always encourage people to be educated on what they need to do in the hot tub, but the reality is if someone does pee in the water, it doesn’t just vanish.

Some people think that chlorine can eliminate urine from pools or hot tubs. However, that’s not true. Chlorine doesn’t get rid of urine in water. In this article, we’ll explore this topic a little bit more. So, let’s start!

Can You Pee in a Hot Tub? No, you should not pee in a hot tub. Urinating in the tub can cause harmful chemical reactions that can produce a by-product called chloramines. Chloramines can significantly irritate the skin and eyes of those enjoying the water. Maintaining the water’s cleanliness is important in a hot tub.

Setting up a hot tub involves adding a bit of chlorine. Once you fill it up, you won’t notice its presence! However, after enjoying the tub, if you detect a chlorine-like smell on your skin, it’s not actually pure chlorine you’re smelling. It’s called Trichloramine, which forms when chlorine reacts with elements like sweat and urine.

If you ever notice a particularly strong chlorine odor from the hot tub, it might indicate that someone has urinated in it. In the next section, we’ll talk more about this.

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How Urine Reacts With Water In a Hot Tub

When we mentioned “urine” earlier, we were actually talking about Urea nitrogen. It’s a component found in urine but only makes up about 5% of it. Wondering where urea nitrogen comes from? It’s produced when our liver processes protein, and then it travels in our bloodstream until our kidneys filter it out, leading it to be expelled through urine.

Now, why should we be concerned? Firstly, no one wants to relax in a hot tub filled with urine elements. More importantly, it can lead to health problems. In the short term, you might experience issues like red, irritated eyes, or skin discomfort. Over a longer period, consistent exposure could even increase the risk of asthma. So, it’s always best to maintain a clean hot tub.

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Ways To Avoid Peeing In a Hot Tub

Avoid Peeing In a Hot Tub

Here’s a truth many might be shy to admit: both children and adults can end up peeing in hot tubs and swimming pools. While grown-ups generally remember to relieve themselves before getting into a hot tub, kids might need a little reminder.

When you go in water, like in a tub, pool, or bath, the water pressure can push on your bladder. It’s kind of like squeezing a water-filled balloon. This can sometimes force out what’s inside the bladder. And if kids are sipping on beverages like milkshakes or sodas, those bathroom breaks become even more crucial.

To enjoy the hot tub without smelling those horrible urine smells, it is important to follow a few things. So, to have the best time in your hot tub, consider these easy-to-follow guidelines:

  1. Always shower before and after dipping in the hot tub.
  2. Make it a habit to rinse your feet before stepping in.
  3. And most importantly, hold back from peeing in the hot tub.

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Why Peeing In the Hot Tub Isn’t a Good Idea?

When urine is in combination with chlorine in a hot tub, it leads to a chemical reaction called chloramines. These aren’t just regular chemicals – they can irritate our skin and eyes. And if you’re frequently exposed to them, they might even cause issues with breathing. Aside from these health concerns, the urine smell is quite unpleasant in the hot tub. If more people urinate, it can create an unbearable atmosphere around your hot tub.

How To Notice If Someone Peed in the Hot Tub?

When someone pees in the hot tub, you’ll notice a strong chlorine smell. While it might sound surprising, pure chlorine doesn’t really have a strong smell. So, if you suddenly get a whiff of a pronounced “chlorine” odor, it’s likely because the chlorine reacts with something you’d prefer wasn’t in your hot tub.

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What To Do If Somebody Pees In My Hot Tub?

If you believe someone might have peed in your hot tub, it’s important to act QUICKLY. Thankfully, addressing this situation isn’t too different from the standard maintenance you’d perform every 3-4 months on your hot tub.

First, drain the water from your tub to eliminate the contaminated water. Then, give the hot tub a good scrubbing and make sure to clean the filters as well. After that, you can fill it up again and introduce fresh chemicals. Wait until the chemical balance is just right before you hop back in.

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Which Chemicals Should You Have

Chemicals That Are Needed For Hot Tub

Many pool shops have a comprehensive range of SpaGuard® chemicals to consistently maintain your hot tub’s cleanliness and tackle any unexpected issues. So, what should you always have in your home? Here is a list of hot tub items that are recommended:

  • SpaGuard’s solutions to raise and lower pH levels
  • SpaGuard’s formula increases Total Alkalinity
  • SpaGuard’s chlorine-rich concentrate
  • SpaGuard’s Enhanced Shock: this acts as a shock, clarifier, and settling agent and helps maintain the right pH levels
  • Essential test strips for chemical levels
  • SpaGuard’s solution to reduce foaminess

If you want to measure how much pee is in your hot tub, be sure to watch this YouTube video:

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Can you smell pee in a hot tub?

Yes, urine can be smelled in a hot tub. When you pee in the tub, the urine, in combination with chlorine, creates a very noticeable unpleasant smell. It is also not healthy to stay in water with a lot of urine because it can corrode the skin and eyes.

Does pee cause foam in the hot tub?

Foam in a hot tub or pool might arise from several factors, such as bodily residues (like urine, perspiration, body oils, and spit) or the specific chemicals used in pools and hot tubs.

Does urine react with chlorine?

When urine’s urea decomposes, it produces ammonia, which then combines with chlorine to create chloramines. These chloramines can irritate the eyes and lungs and are largely responsible for the familiar “pool smell.”

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while it might be tempting for some, urinating in a hot tub is highly not recommended. Not only is it unhygienic and disrespectful to other users, but the chemical reactions caused by urine mixing with chlorine can lead to unpleasant odors and potential health risks. It’s vital to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the hot tub water for a safe and enjoyable experience. Always remind users to use restroom facilities before entering, ensuring a pleasant hot tub experience for everyone. I hope that this article has helped you, and if you have any more questions, feel free to comment below.

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