Can You Replace Just A Shower Floor? Expert Explained

Today, almost every bathroom comes with a shower since it is a simple fixture that provides so many benefits. From performing personal hygiene to washing larger items that are not suitable for the washer. When installing a shower, an important part of the structure is the shower floor which can be made of tiles or installed as a shower pan. 

If you are planning to renovate the bathroom and replace the shower floor, you must be wondering if it is possible to replace the tiles on the floor in the shower with the shower pan without touching the rest of the shower fixture.

Can You Replace Just A Shower Floor? Yes, the shower floor can be replaced, but it is a complicated task that requires professional skill, and it’s not cheap. The process of removing shower tiles must be done correctly in the appropriate order. That’s why an expert is recommended for this job.

In the rest of this article, find out the advantages and disadvantages of tiles/shower pans, and what you should pay attention to if you decide to switch between these two elements. Also, we bring you an overview of the costs you can expect in both cases. So, let’s start!

Can Only A Shower Floor Be Replaced?

Replacing shower floor

Yes, the shower floor can be replaced, regardless of whether you have tiles or a shower pan. However, not many contractors will accept this work, considering that it is advised to avoid such an undertaking due to the potentially large damage that can occur during the construction process.

Keep in mind that some tricks that professionals know and can apply for this task do not involve risk when performing shower floor replacement. However, no one can guarantee you a fixed cost. If you decide to replace tiles with a shower pan or vice versa, you must have a flexible budget.

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Why is it so complicated to switch from one shower floor model to another? The answer lies in the fastening of this feature to the wall and floor and the connection between the floor and wall in the entire bathroom. For example, when old tiles need to be removed to install a shower pan, it is very difficult to avoid damage to the joints between the shower base and the floor/wall. Also, when damage occurs, it is even more difficult to repair it and then get a surface on which it is possible to install the shower pan.

Note! This is a complicated job for any professional and it will cost you a lot of money.

What Is a Shower Pan?

The shower pan is part of the shower floor. Usually made of acrylic, it has a curved shape with a slope towards the drain. In most cases, it has a raised edge that serves as a barrier against bathroom flooding in the event of a clogged drain. In order to prevent slipping during the shower, the shower pan usually has protrusions on the surface that are an integral part of the construction. 

It is a fixture in one piece, which is why it is quite easy to replace it with a new model.  You might find a new shower pan that you’ll love and save yourself and your wallet a lot of trouble.

What Is The Cost Of Installing a New Shower Floor?

The cost of installing a new shower floor depends on a lot of factors. One of them is whether you want to replace the shower pan with tiles or vice versa. You can certainly expect that switching from a shower pan to tiles will cost you a lot more money since it is a more demanding job and can potentially cause damage to other bathroom fixtures.

According to research, the material that is required for a brand new shower floor alone costs around $400. If labor costs are added to that, the value of the investment can reach up to $1,000. Several factors influence labor costs. From the quality of the material you have chosen, the location of the shower in the bathroom, and the way the shower floor is connected to the rest of the floor in the room. Also, you should know that replacing a shower floor is not a project that many people decide on, so there is a lack of experts for this job.

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Process Of Removing Your Shower Floor

As we have already pointed out, replacing the shower floor is not easy, especially when you want to remove the old floor to put a new one in its place. Although it may be difficult to find a professional to do this work and bear the expensive labor, it is definitely worth it. A person with experience in removing the old shower floor and installing a new one can save you a lot of money. Just imagine how much it costs to break the entire construction of a new shower floor that you installed incorrectly!

What Is The Easiest Shower Floor to Replace?

If you need a new shower floor and don’t know which option to choose, you can be sure that a shower pan is always a cheaper and easier option. The shower pan is easier to install from scratch but also to replace once the need arises. Working with tiles is much more difficult, and the replacement process requires a lot of time.

Changing shower tiles is not an easy process because the tiles must be carefully removed one by one, and even when this job is done with the utmost care, unplanned damage can occur. The big advantage of the shower pan is that it represents a one-piece structure that is much easier to handle.

What Shower Floor Is Cheaper to Replace?

Given that we previously pointed out that replacing your shower pan is much easier than replacing shower floor tiles, it is logical that it is also a cheaper option. There is no big difference in the amount of money you will spend on materials, but that’s why the difference in labor costs is huge.

The shower pan is a one-piece bathroom fixture that is relatively easy to separate from the surface and install a similar fixture. But when it comes to tiles, it’s an entirely different story that requires a lot of detailed and long-term work, for which experts charge a lot of money.

Can You Replace Just the Shower Floor?

Although there are situations where it is necessary to replace just the shower floor, they are rare. If there is something seriously damaged, then you have no choice but to engage in the replacement of the shower floor. In any other case, this investment is not worth it, and is not recommended, especially if you are satisfied with the overall appearance of your bathroom and have no money to throw away.

When Does Shower Pan Need To Be Replaced?

People most often decide on replacing the shower pan when they want to make their shower more accessible for use by the elderly or people with disabilities and have an external shower pan with too high a flood protection barrier.

In this case, it is not such a demanding job since it is possible to find a shower pan on the market with a low flood barrier or even without it. Here we are only talking about replacing 1 one-piece floor system with another, which will not cost you much and will give you the desired result.

Should You Do the Job Yourself?

No matter how skilled you are at DIY projects, it is recommended that you leave this job to a professional. Although it may be difficult to find an expert who will do this work for you, it is worth it. Replacing a shower floor in any option is not easy, and just imagine how you would feel if you had to break the entire construction of a new shower floor that you installed faulty.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Is it easy to replace a shower base?

It is not difficult to replace the old shower base with a new one. Of course, if you are inclined towards DIY projects and know plumbing basics. If you’re wondering if it’s a job you can do yourself or if you need an extra pair of hands, don’t worry. Most shower pans are made of acrylic or fiberglass, which means they are not difficult to handle. You can easily remove the shower pan to access the shower base.

What’s the difference between a shower base and a shower pan?

Although many think that shower base and shower pan are the same, this is not true. The shower base is located below the shower pan and represents the base on which the shower pan is placed.

What is the best shower floor material for a bathroom?

The best material for a shower floor is porcelain. Although it is a more expensive option, this investment pays off in the long run. It is a very durable and, therefore, long-lasting material that will serve you well for decades.

Can the shower floor be replaced by Yourself?

Even if you have significant DIY experience, it is recommended that you do not do the shower floor removal yourself. It is a very demanding job that requires a wide range of plumbing tools and knowledge. However, the services of a professional cost, it is better to hire one.

Final Thoughts

Although it is possible to replace a shower floor only, it is a complicated job that is only recommended when you have no other choice or if you have extra money to spend. If you have already decided to replace the shower floor, you should know that it is always much easier and cheaper to go with a shower pan than to deal with tiles. Replacing a shower floor is a job that should be left to a professional, even if you are very skilled at DIY projects.

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