Should We Fill A Pool With A Water Truck?

A backyard swimming pool can easily increase your property’s worth. Pools are designed to be filled with water, and if they aren’t, the lack of water pressure might cause the pool’s sides or bottom to crack. That’s why ensuring you fill up your pool immediately after it is built is crucial, especially during the summer. In this article, we’ll talk about whether it is a good idea to use a water truck to fill up your pool. So, let’s start!

Should We Fill A Pool With A Water Truck? Yes, filling a pool with a water truck is recommended. Water trucks can transport around 9,000 gallons of water and fill a pool in under 30 minutes. They are great solution compared to other methods and is often more cost-effective. Water trucks also offer pre-treated water, making the process convenient.

Typically, swimming pools are designed to handle the pressure and weight of water from the inside. When constructing or fixing a pool, it’s recommended to fill it quickly to prevent further damage. Using a water truck service can simplify this task for you. In this article, we’ll talk more about that.

What Is a Water Truck?

Water Truck

Think of a water truck as a big vehicle specially made to move a large amount of water from one spot to another. These trucks are super handy for those who have swimming pools or need to transport a lot of water somewhere. They are designed with a massive container on the back and some sprayers on the sides or the back, which helps manage the water they carry.

You’ll find water trucks with various tank sizes, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. Another cool thing to note about these trucks is that their tanks are shaped like big cylinders. This design helps the tank stay strong without needing extra support because of the way it spreads out the water’s weight.

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Ways To Refill Your Pool? Recommended Options

Methods To Refill A Pool

Before you start pouring water into your pool, figuring out how much water it will need is essential. This information is helpful if you’re thinking of hiring a water truck to do the job. Depending on how deep and wide your backyard pool is, there’s a way to calculate how many gallons it can take. Here are the tables with estimations for different types of pools:

Water Volume For Round Pools

Pool Height 48“Pool Height 48“Pool Height 52“Pool Height 52“Pool Height 54“Pool Height 54“
Pool Size (ft)U.S. GallonsPool SizeU.S. GallonsPool SizeU.S. Gallons
Table: Measurements For Water Volume For Round Pools

Water Volume For Oval Pools

Pool Height 48“Pool Height 48“Pool Height 52“Pool Height 52“Pool Height 54“Pool Height 54“
Pool Size (ft)U.S. GallonsPool SizeU.S. GallonsPool SizeU.S. Gallons
12′ x 24′6,80012′ x 24′7,36015′ x 30′11,950
15′ x 30′10,62015′ x 30′11,50018′ x 33′15,780
18′ x 33′14,02018′ x 33′15,18018′ x 40′19,120
  21′ x 41′22,00021′ x 43′23,974
Table: Measurements For Water Volume For Oval Pools

Water tanks, on average, have the capacity to store about 9,000 gallons (34,068 liters). If you rent a full tank, expect to pay around $500. However, the cost drops to around $250 if you only need half. A surprising fact to many is that getting a water truck to fill your pool can actually be cheaper than using your home’s water hose.

For instance, consider you own a 27-foot round pool that requires 18,600 gallons (70,400 liters) of water. In such cases, filling a pool by yourself could be the more budget-friendly route. Utilizing a water hose could cost you anywhere from $110 to $210, depending on where you live. A quick call to your water company can give you an accurate figure.

Opting for water truck delivery might sometimes have a better price tag, but the service is much better. If you’re aiming for a hassle-free experience, investing in water truck delivery could be the way to go.

Hire A Water Truck To Fill Up Your Pool

When you’re in a rush to get your pool filled, the standard hose and pool pump just won’t do. They take forever! A more effective solution is to get water delivered right to your doorstep through a water truck. Not only is it fast, but the company you choose often has its water source. If they don’t, they’ll surely locate one in your neighborhood. If you’re not sure where to find such a service, a quick Google search should show you local options.

Remember, the company that brings the water has some rules to follow. They can’t just hook up to any fire hydrant. They require specific permissions to connect to metered ones, not the ones meant for firefighting. To get the water into your pool, they’ll use a strong, durable hose that’s laid flat to ensure the fastest filling.

Before you call a water delivery service, there are some things you need to do first. Measure out your pool’s dimensions and the volume of water it can hold. To give you a sense, a truck can deliver about 9,000 gallons (34,068 liters) in one go. If your pool is larger than that, you must pay for two arrivals.

Measure Your Swimming Pool Size

Measure Swimming Pool Size

If you want to figure out how big your pool is and how much water it can contain, you’ll need to calculate its volume. The volume is based on the pool’s shape. You’ll need to know the pool’s depth and surface size for an accurate volume. Sometimes, splitting it into smaller sections helps get a more precise measurement. With the following method, you can easily understand your pool’s size before you call for a water delivery.

Volume Calculation For Rectangular Pool 

To determine the volume of your pool in cubic feet, you’ll multiply its length, width, and depth together. Since each cubic foot contains 7.5 gallons, you can find out the total gallons your pool holds by multiplying the volume by 7.5.

Volume (US gal) = 7.5 x Length x Depth x Width

Volume Calculation For Circular Pool

To determine the volume of a round pool, use the number π (3.1415) and multiply it with the squared radius (half the diameter) and the pool’s average depth. Then, to convert that volume into gallons, multiply the result by 7.5.

Volume (US gal) = 3.14 x 7.5 x Radius Squared x Average Depth

Here’s what it looks like when a pool is filled using a water truck:

What Is The Cost Of Filling Up The Pool?

Typically, pools can hold up to about 20,000 gallons (75,000 liters) of water. If you want to fill up the pool completely, be prepared to spend somewhere between $100 and $200. The general rate ranges between $5 to $10 for every 1000 gallons. It’s worth noting that even if your pool doesn’t need all the water a truck carries, most companies will charge for a full truckload, given that their standard capacity is about 9,000 gallons.

So, before making any decisions, it’s smart to calculate how much water your pool really needs. With that info in hand, you can contact your local water delivery service to get an accurate price of how much it will cost you. The final price can vary based on local water rates and other fees, including water usage and sewage charges.

Interestingly, some companies offer pre-treated water suitable for swimming pools, which can be a handy time-saver. Although many companies provide this service, a few areas might have regulations against it for environmental reasons. If the cost works out and treated water is available in your city, it might be the most convenient way to refill your pool.

How Long Does It Take To Fill A Pool Using A Water Truck?

The time required for a water truck to fill up a swimming pool varies based on its depth, width, and overall capacity. That’s why measuring your pool’s total volume is important. A truck with a 9,000-gallon capacity commonly will spend roughly half an hour filling a pool. However, if your pool is larger and needs extra water deliveries, the process might take even longer, especially if there are waits between each refill.

Can the Fire Department Fill Your Pool?

While they have the capability, it’s highly unlikely they’ll offer this service. Fire departments need to be constantly available for emergencies. Thus, seeking their help for such tasks isn’t recommended. It’s best not to reach out to them for pool-filling purposes. If they agree to do so, they might be going against certain rules, which could get them in trouble.

Get Your Area Ready Before Calling A Water Truck

Area Ready Before Calling A Water Truck

To fill a swimming pool safely, ensure the area around your pool can support the heavy weight of a water truck. Clear any obstacles or items that could block the truck’s movement in your yard. Typically, you won’t need to assist in filling, but providing easy access to the pool area is essential for efficient service.

If you prefer to be present during the process, schedule the water delivery when you’re home. Once the task is done, you can gauge if the service was worth the cost. Most individuals prefer this method of pool filling as it’s convenient, fast, and hassle-free.

Is Using City Water to Fill Your Pool Cheaper?

Yes, filling a pool using city water is often more affordable, but let’s break down the typical costs you might encounter to get a clear picture. Why does the cost of filling up a pool vary? It’s because each city or town charges water differently. They usually have two billing categories: water usage and sewage services.

How Do You Calculate City Water Rates?

The easiest way is to directly contact your local city water supply center for their specific rates. They may bill you based on measurements like cubic feet, cubic yards, 100 cubic feet, or every thousand gallons. On top of the water charge, they’ll also have separate sewerage costs. You’ll typically be billed for both services.

However, if you inform them about your pool’s installation, many cities and towns might offer a discount or exclude the sewerage fee for the water used to fill the pool. But remember, you need to notify them first.

Remember, each area might have unique water pricing and rules local authorities oversee. The decision to fill your pool using a hose might not always be in your hands, especially if a local water restriction is in place. In such cases, you might have to get water delivered. Doing a bit of research in advance can save you trouble and money.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

What’s the cheapest way to fill a pool?

The most affordable pool fill method is using your garden hose connected to city water. This approach is cost-effective, but it takes longer. Consider the size of your pool and compare it to the average household water use of about 13,000 gallons a month to estimate the expense.

Is it cheaper to fill a pool with a hose?

Using a hose to fill your pool is generally more affordable, but costs vary based on where you live. In areas with high water rates, having a water truck deliver the water might be more economical. This method can be cost-effective and convenient in regions with steep water bills.

Can I use the fire hydrant to fill my pool?

Filling your pool with water from a fire hydrant might seem a good choice, but it’s typically prohibited. While it’s a fast method, it’s best to avoid it.

Final Thoughts

While the process of filling your pool might seem tedious, opting for a water truck can make it a quick and easy option. It’s essential to determine the volume of your pool before choosing this method. Although using a garden hose might be more cost-effective at times, it demands patience and energy. To schedule a water truck delivery, just contact your nearby water provider. I hope this article has helped you, and if you have any additional questions, feel free to comment below.

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