Standard Bedroom Closet Size (With Drawings)

When designing and decorating a bedroom, it is very important to arrange everything properly. A bedroom closet is one of those things that use a lot of space and where proper dimensions are required. What are the standard dimensions of the bedroom closet, and how to determine the right height and width of each section? In this article, we’ll talk about that. So, let’s start!

What Are Standard Bedroom Closet Sizes? A standard reach-in closet for a bedroom measures 24 inches in depth and 36 inches in width. Each type of closet has its standard dimensions, and they vary depending on the bedroom size. They are significantly different for a walk-in closet, reach-in closet or closet for storing blankets.

When redecorating a bedroom, it is very important to know the right dimensions and size of a standard bedroom closet. That’s because you don’t want to make a mistake and ruin your bedroom. We will also give you information about FHA and ADA prerequisites related to the construction of the closet.

What Are Standard Bedroom Closet Dimensions?

Standard Bedroom Closet Dimensions

Each person has their personal preferences when it comes to the closet in the bedroom, and since the choice is vast, the standard dimensions differ and depend on whether you want a reach-in or walk-in closet. Also, the dimensions are different even within the walk-in closet category, depending on the spaciousness and the arrangement of shelves and rods. What most bedroom closets have in common is a standard height of 8 feet.

Types of Bedroom ClosetsHeightWidthDepth
Single-Sided Walk-In8 feet4 feet4 feet
Double-Sided Walk-In8 feet6 feet4 feet
Reach-In Closet8 feet35 inches22 inches
Minimum Walk-In8 feet4 feet4 feet
Linen Closet10 feet18 feet17 inches
Island Walk-In8 feet13 feet13 feet
Table: The most common dimensions of the listed bedroom closets

Is Bedroom Required To Have a Closet?

The IRA states that a closet in the bedroom is not mandatory by the International Building Code, but it should be noted that each state and county may have its own additional regulations that say otherwise. When you carry out any kind of construction work in the home, it is wise to familiarize yourself in detail with the regulations that apply to the district in which you live.

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Dimensions Of Standard Walk-In Closet

Minimum Walk-in Closet Size

For walk-in closets, the smallest possible standard dimension are usually 4 feet in depth and 4 feet in width. A walk-in closet should not be smaller. Also, in this case, one side of the wall in the closet must remain free.

Narrow Walk-in Closet

When designing a walk-in closet, the most important thing is to think about how the person using the closet will be able to move in it, and what type of clothes will be stored it. Also, you should know that the closet must be at least 6 feet deep to be able to have 3 out of 4 sides filled with furniture. 

Also, note that a walk-in closet cannot be smaller than 4 feet in depth and 4 feet in width and that in addition to space for shelves and rods, it is necessary to provide a minimum of 24 inches of free space. An additional 2 inches should also be added to this calculation for the space occupied by clothes on hangers.

Single-Sided Walk-In

This type of closet is considered the smallest walk-in closet and is less than 4 feet in width and 4 feet in depth. Otherwise, there would be no room for movement in it at all. This type of walk-in closet can have shelves and rods only on one wall.

Double-Sided Walk-In

A Double-Sided Walk-in closet means a lot more storage space and thus more options when it comes to furniture arrangement. You should know that this type of closet implies placing shelves and rods on the left and right of the entrance, with a mandatory space between them sufficient for movement.

The standard dimensions, in this case, depending on the shelves on both sides of the closet. You have two different options at your disposal. If you want a section with shelves and a section for clothes on hangers on both sides, the closet must be 7 feet wide, with a minimum depth of 4 feet.

However, if you place shelves on one side of the closet and rods on the opposite side, the closet can be 6 feet to 6 and a half feet wide (depending on the depth of the shelves). The difference is that the rods on both sides of the closet require more space in total.

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Island Walk-In

Source: Dimensions.com

The island walk-in closet is the king among closets, and its standard dimensions are royally large. As the name suggests, it is a walk-in closet with an “island” in the middle. It is usually used as a seating area or practical storage for watches, bags, and wallets.

There is usually the 3 feet of free space between the shelves/rods, the closet entrance, and the island. If we add to the dimensions of the space for movement the dimensions of the rods/shelves and the average size of the island itself of 3×5 feet, the conclusion is that the standard dimension of the island walk-in closet is about 12×12 feet.

Keep in mind that during this calculation, it was taken into account that the rods for hangers are located on the sides of the wardrobe and the shelves on the wall opposite the door.

Dimensions Of Standard Reach-In Closet

Source: Dimensions.com

A standard reach-in closet measures 24 inches in depth and 36 inches in width. However, depending on what the closet will primarily be used for, the depth can vary by several inches. If you have in mind the construction of a closet for storing jackets, coats, and other robust items, the standard depth of the off-closet is 28 inches. However, if the closet will serve as a place to store t-shirts, you can opt for a minimum standard depth of 22 inches.

What is The Depth Of A Bedroom Closet?

In the smallest version, the classic reach-in closet cannot be smaller than 17 inches in depth and 19 inches in width. With a note that such small dimensions of the closet are possible only when we are talking about a closet for media sets, bed linen, or clothes that will only stand stacked on the shelves. This type of closet does not support a section for hanging clothes on rods.

The Minimum Depth Of A Bedroom Closet

A depth of 24 inches is considered a minimum for a bedroom closet. Hangers are usually around 20 inches in depth, which is the minimum size to place them in the closet. But the recommendation is that if you can go for 24 inches so that your clothes don’t get wrinkled in thigh space when the closet door is closed.

The Standard Height Of A Bedroom Closet

Standard Height Of A Bedroom Closet

From the floor-to-ceiling position, the standard height for the closet type, including coat racks or single shelves, is 66 inches. When you take into account the thickness of the construction itself, you can count on a total height of 68 inches. Assuming that it is an 8 feet tall closet, a space of 16 inches remains between the ceiling and the structure, which is quite enough for storing suitcases or space bags of clothes that you don’t use often.

If you want to save as much space as possible, and you plan to install two rows of rods, you should know that for the rod on which you will hang shirts, you need to leave 42 inches from the floor to the ceiling. For the part where you will hang folded dresses and pants, it is enough to leave 34 inches of space. In this combination, calculate that the shelf should be installed at the height of 84 inches from the floor to the ceiling above the last rod.

Standard Dimensions Of Bedroom Closet Door Opening

When it comes to the closest opening, homeowners have a large selection of quality solutions. Although the entrance to the closet is usually 80 inches high from the floor to the ceiling, it goes 6 feet in width. Today people often look for smaller options, and in that category, they can choose between sliding doors, pocket doors, and bifold doors.

Here you can see how to properly measure a bedroom closet.

Federal Housing Administration Bedroom Requirements

It is known that Federal Housing Administration (FHA) regulations once required that a room have a closet in order to be classified as a bedroom. If you are in doubt about whether to build a closet in your bedroom or not, and you are worried about the categorization, there is no reason to bother with it. Since 1993, the FHA is not requiring homeowners to have a closet in a room for it to officially be a bedroom. 

However, if you are planning to rent out a house or apartment, be sure to check the state and county regulations related to the categorization of premises. There is always the possibility that a closet in the bedroom is mandatory when renting, as well as that in such cases, the closet must be of certain dimensions.

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ADA Bedroom Closet Requirements

According to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations in the construction of the closet, the final depth of the clothing storage compartments must not be more than 21 inches away from the access points. The user must be sure that he can reach each clothing storage compartment. Note that the access point in a walk-in closet is considered the passage between the shelves/drawers and the door in a reach-in closet.

When we talk about the regulations related to the movement of people with disabilities, according to the ADA provisions, the conditions for the free movement of wheelchairs must be ensured in the walk-in closet, ideally 5 feet of open space.

An opening with a width of 32 inches is mandatory, with the recommendation that the ideal width is still 36 inches. Each of the shelves and rods in the walk-in closet must be at least partially accessible from the wheelchair seating position, in a maximum height of 54 inches. ADA regulations exclude swing-open doors as an acceptable option for reach-in closets. Instead, you should use eliminating or sliding doors. 

In cases where it is already known during the construction of the closet that it will be used jointly by a person with a disability and a person without physical limitations, it should be ensured that the closet can be used equally by both.

Get The Most Of A Storage Space By Using A Bedroom Closet

Shoe Shelves

It is always good to provide a space for storing shoes in the closet, which does not have to be large, considering that only a few people own shoes that are higher than 7 inches. If you initially planned for your closet to have a classic look with one rod and one block of shelves with a space at the top, think again.

From the empty space at the top, you can make another row of shelves for storing shoes. However, if you decide to keep that empty space for large things like suitcases, you can divide it and use only one part for shoes.

Top Shelf

Closets that are installed in the bedroom usually have a height of 8 feet. When the structure is placed at the height of 84 inches in standard rooms, this leaves enough room for additional storage space that is between the top shelf and the ceiling to store items that are only used seasonally.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the process of redecorating your bedroom, which includes the construction of a new closet, or you have decided that you need to replace the old closet with a new one, we believe that in this article has helped you with a good insight into the standard dimensions for closet. We look forward to your feedback in the comments section if our tips helped you, and we will be happy to also see the photos of your finished project! If you have a friend who is struggling with plans for a new wardrobe, feel free to share the article!

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