Why Bedroom Gets Hot When Doors Are Closed?

One of the reasons why people have difficulty sleeping in the warmer months is undoubtedly the excessive heat in the closed bedroom compared to the rest of the house. When we close the bedroom door, the temperature suddenly rises significantly, creating discomfort and making it hard to fall asleep. Why is this happening, and what can we do about it? In this article, we’ll talk about that. So, let’s start!

Why Does The Bedroom Get Hot When The Doors Are Closed? When bedroom doors are closed, the lack of ventilation or insufficient insulation is rising the temperature up, which makes the bedroom hot. This is caused by old windows, clogged air filters, bad home insulation, or closed air vents.

When we close the bedroom doors, there is no air circulation, which causes the room temperature to rise. This is something that many households have a problem with. But it is not something that cannot be solved. To understand this problem better, continue reading this article.

Why Is Bedroom Hotter Than The Rest Of The House?

Low airflow in the bedroom makes it hot

Lack of airflow and inadequate insulation is causing the bedroom to be hotter than the rest of the house. Uncomfortable, excessive heat in the bedroom compared to the rest of the household is a frustrating problem that can have many causes. However, the most common reason for this problem is insufficient airflow in the bedroom or poor insulation of the room.

How To Increase The Airflow in The Bedroom?

The simplest method to achieve a comfortable temperature in an overheated bedroom is to open a window in the room. Additionally, an even better effect can be obtained by opening other doors and windows in the whole house to achieve a stronger airflow of fresh air. Therefore, be sure to open doors and windows for around 30 minutes, including the bedroom. It is recommended two times a day, early in the morning and before you go to sleep.

9 Reasons Why Bedroom Gets Hot When Door is Closed

There are several reasons why the air in the bedroom is significantly warmer than in the rest of the household when doors are closed. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons:

1. Low-E Glass Windows

If you are living in an old house, your bedroom may be warmer than the rest of the house due to energy-inefficient windows that let heat in easily.

Such windows can be replaced with new energy-efficient windows, which let much less heat into the house’s interior because it prevents the penetration of infrared and ultraviolet particles. Note that this option will cost you money. If your household budget can’t handle it right now, you can turn to cheaper solutions such as window tint or film.

2. Closed Air Vents

In order for the air vents to be able to perform their work, their openings must be free. Check if the air vents of your home are blocked by wall decorations, furniture, or something else. If only one air vent is blocked, the operation of the entire air vent system can be disrupted, which can make your bedroom hot.

3. Ventilation Problems

The bedroom can be hotter than other rooms in the house if the ventilation system does not distribute the air evenly throughout the household. The reason for this can be damage to the ventilation system, insufficient insulation of the system, or unconnected ducting. Check it out and organize needed repairs.

4. Low Return Air Vents

When the air in the vents does not circulate bi-directionally as it should, the result can be that the temperature in just one room is significantly different. This happens when the filter does not allow enough air from the outside. A suitable solution is replacing the old filter with a new one with a low MERV rating. If you do not notice a change after installing the new filter, there is a possibility that you need an additional return air vent.

5. Sunlight Comes Directly Through the Window

A large number of people always try to let as much natural light as possible into their homes. However, such a thing has its price – an increase in household temperature when the windows are exposed to direct sunlight in the hottest part of the day. In such cases, balancing between letting natural light into the home and keeping the home comfortably cool can be a challenge.

One of the solutions for this problem is to plant a tree or a larger bush under the window since it has been proven that natural greenery reduces the temperature in its immediate environment. If not, installing blackout curtains over the windows from the outside can help.

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6. Clogged Air Filter

Your AC system cannot function properly with a dirty and clogged filter, so it must be replaced regularly. If you do not maintain your filters, the AC unit will become clogged with dust and dirt that will prevent adequate airflow. This can cause the accumulation of too much warm air in the bedroom.

7. Bad Home Insulation

If you live in an older house or apartment building that does not have high-quality insulation, you are more likely to have a problem with the accumulation of hot air in the bedroom during the summer months. When a home’s insulation is poor, it is often difficult to cool it evenly, even with the help of an AC system.

8. Large AC Systems

People think that having the largest AC system in your home is always the best thing. Think again! It has been proven that an AC system that is too large can cool the space very quickly, resulting in excessive air humidity.

The function of the AC device is not only to cool the rooms but also to reduce the humidity in them. If you have an AC system that is too big for your house, the space will cool down too quickly. This will not leave enough time for the device to perform the function.

You can solve the problem by purchasing a dehumidifier. But first, calculate whether it is more worthwhile to replace an unnecessarily large AC system with a smaller one that better fits the square footage of your home.

9. Electronic Equipment

Most of the electronics used in modern households emit heat that warms the space in which they are. Among them are computers, TVs, game consoles, and, of course, lighting fixtures. You can prevent them from heating up your bedroom by always turning them off when they are not in use. For lighting fixtures, you can replace ordinary bulbs with LEDs.

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Can Air Circulate When the Doors Are Closed?

If your bedroom doors are closed, there will be no air circulation, and the temperature will rise. For better ventilation, it is recommended that you leave your bedroom door open as much as possible. Also, to avoid creating a warm vacuum in rooms, open your bedroom windows also. It is advised that if you cannot fall asleep with the bedroom door open, keep it at least a finger tick open during the day.

7 Ways To Keep Bedroom Fresh When the Doors Are Closed

When the temperature in the bedroom is quite high, it is very difficult to rest and get a good night’s sleep. Below, we’ll explain several ways that can help you effectively cool your bedroom without using an AC system.

Use A Ceiling Fan

Most ceiling fans come with two modes. While in one, the fan pushes the air down, in the other, it creates a circulating airflow. If you use the modes of fans correctly, you can always have a comfortable temperature in the room. In order to cool down in the summer, it is recommended to set the fan in breeze mode so that the blades turn counter-clockwise. 

Combination of Fan and Ice

A proven method that will cool the room well is to place a bowl of cold water or a tray of ice cubes directly in front of the fan. This cooling technique is the most suitable substitute for a fan due to the fact that the ice creates cold air around itself, and the fan then transports it through the room. Keep in mind that no matter how hot you are, never expose your face to the direct impact of the cold air created in this way. You could end up with eye inflammation.

Take a Hot Shower

After a hot summer day, few people find a hot shower an attractive option. However, a hot shower can help you sleep better. After you take a shower in hot water, the heat in the room will bother you less. If the thought of a hot shower is repulsive to you, an option is also to shower with warm water first.

Cold water for showering before going to bed should be avoided if you have just stayed in a very hot environment. Want to cool down? Try to do this by placing a wet cloth in front of the fan and then positioning yourself as opposed of the airflow.

Open Your Bedroom Window

After the sun goes down and the air temperature drops outside, simply open the window, and let the night breeze cool your bedroom. You can do this even if it’s raining outside. It is enough to open the window just a little to feel the cool effect.

After it gets cold outside at night, it is a good idea to open more windows and doors at once to create a pleasant draft. After cooling the house in this way during the night, be sure to close the window in the morning so that it remains naturally cooled as long as possible.

Get Special Bed Accessories

There are special mattresses available on the market today that have a cooling effect! Some have a top cooling layer, while others contain cooling material in their core. You can also buy bedding that provides a cooling sensation. Note that these options are not cheap at all! If you want to cool down within a smaller budget, it is a good idea to get sheets made of pure cotton that helps reduce sweating while sleeping.

Lower Your Bed

Did you know that the warm air in the room always moves towards the ceiling? If not, keep in mind that it is a good idea on hot days to sleep as close to the floor as possible. If you have no problem sleeping on a hard surface, try to lower your bed. For more comfort, you can temporarily remove the bed frame and sleep only on a mattress. The ideal situation for this option is when there are tiles on the floor in the room where you sleep. If you put a thin mattress on them, the cooling effect throughout the night is inevitable!

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Final Thoughts

In the summer months, the biggest challenge is to cool down at night since excessive heat bothers people the most when they are trying to sleep. When you cannot sleep because your bedroom is too hot, try the few cooling methods explained in this article. Among them, there is surely the one right for you! Of course, there are other ways to cool off at night, like cooling your bed sheets in the refrigerator or putting raw potatoes in your socks. Methods like this should not be discarded but also do not have a long-lasting effect.

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