75-Inch TV Dimensions (with Drawings)

Today, TV is an inevitable part of every home. As their popularity is increasing, so is the demand for bigger and better models. Therefore, the popularity of the 75-inch TV is not surprising. However, since this model is large, homeowners often wonder whether this TV will fit in their room. In this article, we’ll talk about the dimensions of a 75-inch TV. So let’s start!

What Are 75-Inch TV Dimensions? A 75-inch TV measures approximately 65.4 inches (166.1 cm) in width and 36.8 inches (93.5 cm) in height. TV diagonal length is measured from the device’s bottom to the top corner. The viewing distance for a 75-inch TV recommends that the TV should be placed about 10.2 feet away from the watching place.

If you are thinking about buying a 75-inch TV, in addition to the dimensions of the device, you should take into account several other factors that will determine whether these dimensions are the right choice for your household.

In the next lines, find out how much free space you need for a 75-inch TV, how this device can be installed on the wall, and what are its pros and cons.

Here you can see a good YouTube video on how to measure any TV correctly

Things To Look For When Purchasing a 75-Inch TV

When buying a 75-inch TV, it is necessary to take into account several important things, such as the size of the room in which you want to place it, its dimensions, the resolution, and, most importantly, the amount of money you are ready to spend on the new device.

Size of TV

Dimensions Of A 75-inch TV

When buying a TV, it is important to know where you will place it in your home because of its dimensions. If you have a large space in a living room, a 75-inch TV is a good choice.

However, you should consider that when you buy a 75″ TV, you get a device that is not 75-inch wide. The 75-inch mark refers to the diagonal of the device from the bottom to the top corner.

So, keep in mind that a 75-inch TV will occupy a space of about 66 inches in width and 38 inches in length. Also, the depth of the device will largely determine whether you can mount the TV on a wall. The average depth of a 75-inch TV is approximately 2.9 inches, but if you mount it on a stand, you have to leave an average of 15″ for depth.

Position Of TV

Position of 75-inch TV

The dimensions of your TV usually determine the TV’s position. If you want to place the TV on the wall to save space, the device’s depth and the bracket’s depth will be very important, as well as whether you get a wall bracket with the TV in the package.

Also, it is good to know the device’s depth when installing the TV in an already existing multimedia center, considering that some 75-inch TVs with a stand have a depth of even 15″.

If you want to place the TV on a stand, it is important to know the width of the base on which the stand will place. It is recommended that the base is always wider than the device, at least by one inch. So, when we talk about a 75-inch TV that is 66″ wide, the base on which the device will stand should be at least 67-inch wide.

Resolution of TV

When buying a 75-inch TV, you want the best possible picture. The TV resolution determines the quality of the image. The more pixels your TV has, the better resolution is. Most TVs on the market today can be divided into HD and full HD devices.

HD devices have 1080p, while Full HD devices have 4K pixels. Note that Ultra HD screen resolution, which contains 8K pixels, is also becoming popular in the world of television. However, we are talking about a new technology that is still quite expensive, which we will not cover in this article.

Height Of TV

Perfect Height for a 75-inch TV

The best way to determine the ideal height for placing the television is to comfortably sit in the position from which your TV will be viewed most often.

In the living room, it is a sitting position from the sofa, while in the bedroom, it is usually a lying position on the bed. In short, the ideal TV height is determined by eye level.

If you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to read At What Height Should the TV Be Placed?

When you have marked where the TV will stand, measure the height from the top of the TV to the floor so that you can buy a suitable TV stand, or you can determine exactly the spot where you will place the wall bracket.

TV Price

The TV price range goes between $200 and $1500 for a TV, depending on the size, brand, features, and model. If you’re happy with a smaller TV and don’t care much about the number of pixels, you can get a good device for as little as $200.

However, if you want a large TV with a 75-inch diagonal and Full HD resolution, a top-brand device can cost you as much as $1,500.

Can a Wall-Mount Hold a 75-inch TV?

It is safe to mount a 75-inch or larger TV on the wall. If you have a 75-inch TV but don’t have much space for a TV stand, it’s perfectly safe to put it on the wall. However, you must know that the TV on the wall will change your perception of watching.

No matter how hard you try to place the TV on the wall to match your eye level, you will still initially feel that you are not looking straight at the TV but from below.

How High Should a 75-inch TV be Mounted?

Height Of 75-inch TV

For the best viewing experience, a 75-inch TV should be mounted so that the eye level is in the middle of your TV. This means that your TV needs to be mounted around 24 inches from the floor to the bottom of the TV.

That way, you will get the perfect position for placing the TV on the wall. Just don’t forget that you must also have suitable wall-mount support for your model. If you didn’t get a wall mount with your 75-inch TV, be very careful when buying one. Purchase a wall mount that is specifically designed to hold the size of your model.

What Room Size Is Suitable For a 75-Inch TV?

Room Size Is Suitable For a 75-Inch TV

Considering that the TV is usually located in the middle of the room, especially in the living room, how it fits into the space largely determines the room’s appearance.

For example, placing a 75-inch TV in a small room could disrupt the whole room and take up a lot of space. If you place a small TV in a large room, it can create a sense of over-dimensioning. Make sure that the size of the TV fits into the size of the room and is in proportion with the furniture.

Small Rooms

For a smaller room, such as a children’s room or kitchen, a 32-inch TV is recommended. In any case, place the television of 32-inch in a small room so that you, as a viewer, are at least 5 feet away from the screen. At a smaller distance, the quality of the image is worse, and you may also feel dizzy.

Average-Sized Rooms

Placing a TV in an average-sized living room or in a large bedroom, TVs with a diagonal between 32 and 40 inches are a good choice. It is important to ensure that the position of the TV is such that you are not viewing it at a distance of less than 8 feet. A TV with a diagonal of 45 to 55 inches is recommended in large living rooms and bedrooms. Keep in mind that TV should be viewed from a distance of more than 8 feet.

Extra Large-Sized Rooms

For an extra large-size room, a 60 to 85-inch TV is recommended. The larger the space for which you buy a TV, the larger the device can be. Also, pay attention to the distance from which the TV will be watched.

Recommended Viewing Distance For a 75-Inch TV

Recommended Viewing Distance For A 75-inch TV

To get the best viewing experience, it is important to position the 75-inch TV well in relation to the distance from the viewer. Whether you want to place your TV on a stand or install it on the wall, it must be at an appropriate distance from the viewing point of the screen.

There is a simple method to calculate the minimum distance on which a TV should be placed. Just multiply the diagonal of your TV by 1.5. In the case of a 75-inch TV, you will get a distance of 9.38 feet or 112.56 inches.

However, the matter gets a little more complicated if we add the TV resolution into the story. It is recommended that if the TV resolution is 1080 pixels or less, the viewer should be between 9.38 and 15.65 feet away from the device for an ideal picture. The higher the resolution, the closer you can sit to the TV. So if your TV is full HD, you can watch it from a distance of less than 9.38 feet.

Here you can see how to measure the recommended distance for your TV.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

What difference when it comes to the viewing area between a 65 and 75-inch TV?

The difference is in the size of the screen, that is, the image you see. A TV of 75-inch has approximately 700 square inches more viewing area compared to a 65-inch TV. You have to admit that’s a big difference.

How to know what wall mount my 75-inch TV need?

Most TVs today have an extra flat screen, which is why almost no models cannot be installed on the wall. When the TV can be mounted on a wall, the appropriate bracket is one with the same VESA number.

Final Thoughts

Dimensions of a 75-inch TV are usually 36.8 inches in height and 65.4 inches in width. If you are thinking about buying a 75-inch TV, in addition to the dimensions of the device, you should take into account several other factors that will determine whether this model is the right choice for your household.

Therefore, think about the type and size of the room where you want to place the TV, the desired diagonal dimensions, the resolution, and, most importantly, the amount of money you are ready to spend on the new device.

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