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How To Hide A Camera Phone In Your Bathroom?

Hiding a camera in the bathroom does sound a bit wrong at first. But it’s usually not about being creepy, it’s about being safe. Sometimes people must take unusual measures in order to be secure. No matter what your intentions are, you should know that it’s not that simple to hide a camera in the bathroom. Camera phones are pretty big and sometimes awkward to hide, so they can easily be spotted. Therefore, in this article, we’ll teach you how to hide your smartphone camera in the bathroom.

How To Hide A Camera Phone In Your Bathroom?

So How To Hide A Camera Phone In Your Bathroom? To properly set up and hide a camera phone in the bathroom, you first need to find a good hiding spot. The most popular places to hide a camera phone are in the ceiling, in the corner, inside a cosmetic bag, or behind the picture. Make sure that your camera has a good view angle of the bathroom.

Today, we have a big variety of smartphones that come in different sizes and have quality cameras that can record even in low light. Make sure to fully charge your phone battery before you set it up. The good thing is that people are usually dreadfully bad at noticing details in their surroundings, especially if they are not looking for them.

Best Places To Hide a Camera Phone In Your Bathroom:
1. Hide it in the Heating Vents
2. Place It Up In the Ceiling
3. Sneak It into the Cabinet
4. Smack It Up in the Corner
5. Inside a Pot Plant or Décor Piece
6. Unused Toothpaste Box
7. Inside A Cosmetic Bag
8. Behind Art Work or Picture Frames
9. Clothes Hook
10. Electrical Socket

In this article, we will teach you how to properly hide your camera phone and how to scout and browse your bathroom without anyone noticing you. Moreover, you will know exactly how to put and hide the camera to capture what you need to see. So, let’s start!

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Reasons Why To Hide Security Camera In Bathroom

There are multiple reasons as to why people hide cameras in their bathrooms. Here are some of them:

  • When people have guests that they don’t trust with their belongings.  If the guests often go to the bathroom, that’s then the perfect reason to see what is going on.
  • When people hire nannies and babysitters that they don’t know for a long time and therefore don’t trust completely. That way they can make sure their child is being treated well and nothing is being misplaced or stolen.
  • Staff, in general, steal from and in bathrooms because they do not expect a camera in there.
  • Burglars often enter houses through bathroom windows because they are usually at convenient entrance places. If you have a camera in the bathroom, you can spot them on time.
  • If young kids are playing in the bathtub and you are worried something might happen to them. You watch from time to time to make sure no one choked on water, drowned, or slipped on the wet tiles.
  • Just being curious and wanting to see how capable you are with your hiding skills.

Things to Know Before Hiding a Phone Camera in Your Bathroom

  1. Place the Phone to Have A Good & Wide View
  2. Make Sure That You Have Quality Camera
  3. If Possible Try To Have Water-proof Phone Camera
  4. Make Sure To Test It
  5. Fully Charge the Phone Camera Before Hiding  

How To Spy On Someone In The Bathroom?

Spying on someone is a very interesting but iffy subject. We will not get into your spying reasons but do doublecheck if the reasons are not crossing boundaries. In the text below we can see some smart places to hide a camera. Some options are following the “the more obvious, the less obvious” rule and some include actual camouflaging.

1. Hide It In The Heating Vents

This option does not work for everyone, but it is an awesome place to hide your camera phone if you do have heating vents. It is a bit complicated, but worth it in the end. In case you do have heating vents, here are the elementary steps you should do:

  • Remove the screws that hold the vent in place.
  • Clean out the filth and dirt using a rag or sponge.
  • Use cardboard or something else sturdy to fill the space in.
  • Use cardboard or similar material as a stand for the camera.
  • Place the camera around 5 cm in front of the edge to get a good shot that won’t be noticed.
  • Stick the phone to the cardboard with tape or something else sticky.
  • Make sure the camera on your phone is on or that the live streaming service is connected and ready to record.
  • Do a trial attempt to see how it’s working and adjust anything that might need fixing (the angle, distance of placement, camera quality, and resolution, etc.)
  • Close the vent and let the show begin.

It is important to keep in mind a few things, such as:

  • dust-gathering up often which then requires frequent cleaning.
  • finding a protective case or bag for the phone because it will often get wet.
  • having a long-lasting battery that won’t give out after a short period of time.

2. Place It Up In the Ceiling

This hidden place is probably one of the best ways how you can hide your camera phone because it keeps the phone away from any possible water damage. It’s hard to reach if someone becomes suspicious, and it’s almost completely unnoticeable. It is sometimes even possible to fit the phone inside without taking the board off, by sliding it through the oblong holes.  

Here is step-by-step guide how to place your camera phone in the ceiling:

  • Unscrew or just slide off the plastic or fiberglass vent cover.
  • Place the phone so that it does not move.
  • Take any fabric to act as a cover on top of the frame to avoid dusting.
  • Make a small hole for the camera lens.
  • Do a live streaming trial run to see if everything is running smoothly.
  • Place the vent cover back on.

If you are extra worried, you can make a miniature cover for the hole as well. That is usually not needed due to the fact that people barely notice these types of things.

3. Sneak It Into The Cabinet

This method is much simpler compared with the two methods that we mentioned above. Find a cabinet that has a lot of products placed inside and subtly place your phone in between the products. You can then either close the cabinet and wait for the person you are spying on to open it, or you can just keep it open as if it accidentally did not get closed.

4. Smack It Up In The Corner

This method supports the “The more obvious, the less obvious” way of thinking. Since people do not look for cameras in the bathroom, most would not notice it in a corner. Especially if it is placed well.

Here are some tips:

  • Put the camera on the same wall the door is on. That way the camera does not stick out.
  • Do not put the camera above the shower or bathtub because showering and bathing is the time when people are bored and tend to look around.
  • Do not put the camera on the side of the wall where the window is.
  • Getting a phone case in a similar or even if possible identical color as the background makes it less obvious.

5. Inside a Pot Plant or Décor Piece

Many bathrooms nowadays are designed with decorative pieces and plants. Those places are a great way to hide your camera phone because no one really expects a camera there. If you are placing it in a plant, try to put it in a fake plant so that you do not have to fear water. Also, the bushier the plant is, the better hiding space it makes.

6. Unused Toothpaste Box

Toothpaste boxes, like most empty packaging, get thrown out. In this case, you might want to save one. Take a larger toothpaste box and cut out a small hole for the camera to peep through. The fact that it’s laying in plain sight is what makes it unnoticeable.  

7. Inside A Cosmetic Bag

Hiding a camera in a cosmetics bag is similar to hiding it in a toothpaste box. Get a cosmetics bag filled with products (so the phone does not stand out) and place it above eye level. There are two reasons to place the camera above eye level. One is because the chances of noticing the camera are lower and the second is that it will catch wider and better angles. 

8. Behind Art Work or Picture Frames

Pictures and wall art are common in bathrooms. They are mostly decorations but can also be a great hiding place for a camera. You can place a camera behind a picture and make a peep hole for the camera in the picture. Or you can subtly make the camera a part of the busy wall art structure. This method is probably one of the best ways how you can get a great angle view.

9. Clothes Hook

This idea sounds a bit unusual but it’s definitely possible. The camera must be placed on top of the clothing hook in order to not tip over. This might be a bit risky, but also very worth it if it works out. You can buy it here on Amazon.

This is how you can set up a camera on a clothing hook:

  • You should buy a clothes camera that is pre-installed. You should recognize it by it being placed on the top portion of the hook. That placement makes it more stable, and the hung clothes do not get in the way of the shot.
  • Hang clothes on the hook
  • Double-check if clothes or anything else is getting in the shot.
  • Check the battery to have an estimate of how long the camera is going to run.

10. Electrical Socket

Hiding a camera in an electrical socket can be complicated but it is worth trying. Here are the two types of cameras that work best for this option:

  • Spy cameras that look exactly like electrical sockets. This is an outstanding option. Most people don’t know cameras like those even exist, so they would never suspect a thing. Also, the installment is simple, you just place it on the wall.
  • The other type is the pinhole camera. This can work if the socket is damaged, and you just place it where there is space on the side.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we have explained to you how to properly hide your camera phone in the bathroom. Since every bathroom is unique, take time to study your bathroom and figure out your own hiding places as well.  This is not as complicated as it might seem. Practice will make it even easier. We wish you luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask us.

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