Are Balboa Hot Tubs Good? Complete Review

When you dive into the world of hot tubs, you’ll find numerous brands, with some standing out more than others. Balboa is a name that often comes up in discussions. It’s essential to note that Balboa doesn’t actually make ready-to-use hot tubs.

Instead, they specialize in creating parts for them. They are known for creating high-quality components used in many hot tubs, including advanced jets, pumps, heaters, filters, and electronic controls. In this article, we’ll talk about Balboa hot tubs and whether they are any good. So, let’s start!

Are Balboa Hot Tubs Good? Yes, Balboa Hot Tubs are well-known in the industry. Their components are known for their durability and efficiency. Brands that incorporate Balboa parts are often associated with quality and longevity. Also, many users appreciate Balboa’s innovative features and dependable performance.

In the next sections, we will review all the important things related to Balboa hot tubs.

How Much Do Balboa Hot Tubs Cost?

Balboa Hot Tubs Cost

Balboa doesn’t make entire hot tubs, but they make the parts that go into them. So, the final price of a hot tub using Balboa parts might vary based on what pieces you choose. For example, if you decide on a Bluetooth audio system and a controller you can use from your phone, you might have to pay more compared to simpler setups.

A popular brand that uses Balboa’s parts is Essential Hot Tubs. One of their budget-friendly options that I really like is the Integrity model. It comes with a 1kW heater made of stainless steel from Balboa and won’t cost you more than $4,500 in most places. Their Calypso model is another good choice, offering more than 90 stainless steel water jets, space for 8 people, a powerful 4kW heater from Balboa, and even underwater lights. All these features are priced around $7,000.

It’s true that some parts from Balboa, like their control systems and pumps, might be pricier than what you’d see in some luxury hot tub brands. However, a challenge with many of those brands is that they use special equipment only they provide.

If something breaks, you’re stuck, and you’ll need to go to their shop for replacements. But Balboa parts? They’re widely available. Most dealers keep them in stock, so if something in your hot tub stops working, you can fix it quickly.

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Where They Manufacture Balboa Hot Tubs?

Balboa Hot Tubs Are Manufactured in California

Balboa hot tubs are manufactured in California. However, they don’t offer that option if you’re considering buying directly from their website. As for other brands in the US, Essential Hot Tubs is produced in Washington, while Artesian hot tubs are freshly made from their brand-new facility in Las Vegas. There are also many other manufacturers scattered throughout the US as well.

On a global scale, Balboa Water Group connects with customers in the international arm, HydroAir. Earning the title of the world’s top producer of tub panels, they’re also famed for their innovation, with their popular SpaTouch system being a standout.

They’ve released an app for Android and iOS users to make things even more convenient. This means you can manage your hot tub settings using just your phone whenever you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

What Variety of Hot Tubs Use Balboa Components?

Balboa Components

While Balboa itself doesn’t sell full hot tubs, numerous hot tub brands swear by Balboa components for their products. Brands such as Cal Spa, Essential Tubs,  and Artesian, to name a few, rely on Balboa’s wide array of offerings. Balboa provides nearly everything except the main tub shell, from the controls and dashboard panels to the water jets, pumps, air blowers, and many add-ons.

Let me share a list of popular US-made hot tub brands known for owning Balboa’s reliable parts:

  • Clearwater
  • Essential Hot Tubs
  • Cal Spa
  • VITA
  • Tuff Spa
  • Artesian

These brands rank among the best and are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Alongside Balboa’s jets and pumps, they incorporate non-hardening foam known for its exceptional insulation capabilities. This makes them an excellent pick for those keen on energy-saving options.

The list of hot tubs integrating Balboa components, either fully or partially, keeps expanding. It’s become a highlighted feature, especially among brands in the more affordable range, such as VITA.

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How Much Time Does It Take For a Balboa Tub To Heat Up?

Heating Time Depends on a Lot of Things. But the Average time is Between 2 to 6 hours

Typically, hot tubs, including those with Balboa components, might take anywhere between 2 to 6 hours to heat up. Several elements can influence this time, such as the surrounding air temperature, whether the cover is on or off, and the initial water temperature from the hose.

Generally, using a 4kW Balboa pump, water temperatures can increase around 3°F to 6°F every hour. It’s even faster when you keep the hot tub cover on, as it helps retain the warmth. It could be a bit more patient-testing for those smaller, easy-to-set-up tubs with a 1,000 W heater.

Think of it taking close to 10 hours for a tub holding about 250 gallons. However, there are ways to get your hot tub heated up more quickly. One cool feature of the Balboa setup lets you schedule the heater to kick in 3 or 5 hours ahead of when you want to take a dip. That ensures the water’s just right when you hop in.

Several things can affect how fast your tub heats to a temperature of 100°F:

  • Starting water temperature
  • How much power does your heater have
  • How much water is in the hot tub
  • Initial water temperature when filling

For instance, a 2,000 W heater will get the job done in half the time compared to a 1,000 W heater. So, when we look at the long term, getting a more powerful heater could save you time. During summer, a garden hose water might already be around 80°F. Getting it up by another 20° won’t take too long.

What Is the Lifespan Of Balboa Hot Tubs?

The lifespan of balboa hot tub parts ranges from 7 to 20 years. This duration is influenced by factors like how frequently you maintain the tub water and how promptly you address any leaks or necessary repairs. Since Balboa is mainly a supplier of parts and not whole hot tubs, the durability can also differ based on which component you’re talking about. Naturally, over time, some parts will wear out.

However, if the main body or shell of the hot tub is still in good shape, it’s usually a good idea to replace any malfunctioning parts. But if the hot tub shell shows its age with discolorations, deep stains, or cracks, then it might be time to consider a new tub altogether.

This is somewhat like deciding on repairing an old car or buying a new one. To extend the life of a tub shell, shield it from direct sun by using a cover and clean it routinely with gentle cleaning agents.

Common household cleaners like Windex can do the trick, but be sure not to overdo it, and always rinse well before refilling your tub. Consistent water care can also extend the life of essential components like the pump, heater, and jets. Here are some simple steps to have fresh water in your tub:

  • Regularly check and adjust the alkalinity and pH levels.
  • Clean and change the filters as needed.
  • Use sanitizers like chlorine to get rid of harmful bacteria.
  • Periodically shock the water for best results.

Remember, water that’s cloudy or has an off-putting smell isn’t just bad for your tub. It can also damage your tub’s parts, depending on the root cause.

If you want to learn more about Balboa hot tubs, watch this YouTube video:

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FAQ: People Also Ask

What hot tub is best for winter?

Hydropool hot tubs are designed to enhance your winter relaxation sessions. With top-notch insulation methods and advanced self-cleaning capabilities, they are the perfect choice for use in colder temperatures.

Is a Hot Tub Every Day bad for you?

In general, daily hot tub use is considered safe. However, there are specific groups of individuals, such as those expecting a baby or individuals with heart conditions, who should exercise caution and possibly avoid hot tub use.

Final Thoughts

Balboa Hot Tubs has been in the spa industry for many years. Their components are known for their reliability and efficiency, setting them apart from many other brands. While they primarily offer parts rather than full hot tubs, the brands that utilize Balboa components speak to their quality. Balboa is certainly a name to consider for a long-lasting and trustworthy hot tub experience. I hope that this article has helped you, and for any other questions, feel free to comment below.

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