How to Connect XBOX (One S) to TV?

So, you just bought yourself a new XBOX and you want to connect it to your TV? The new Xbox One S is noticeably different in design from its predecessor, but the connection method is the same. Through this article, we will take you in detail through all the methods and ways you can connect your XBOX to a TV. This can be done in different ways, but this requires adapters and converters. So let’s start!

What Kind of TV Do You Have?

Before connecting the Xbox 360 to a TV, you should figure out which TV models are suitable for synchronization. All TVs have built-in ports on the side and rear compartments, the purpose of which is to connect peripherals and various equipment. The Xbox one module in this matter is not too demanding. This set-top box is suitable for TV models from manufacturers such as:

  • Sony;
  • Samsung;
  • LG;
  • Panasonic;
  • Philips.

In addition to these brands, there are little-known brands that produce electrical equipment with the presence of connectors that involve connecting a video station. To learn how to connect the Xbox 360 to your home TV, it is suggested to study the instructions. It will indicate by what method to connect certain devices. With some effort, the game console can be easily synchronized with a standard TV and adjusted accordingly.

Console Features

How to connect XBOX One S to an older TV? In the same way as for the latest brands of television sets. Tulips and nests are painted in matching shades and are easy to connect to each other. After that, make the settings.

The newest system for turning on the X-Box 360 on the TV is SCART. It helps to synchronize the operation of the TV panel with a VCR, DVD set-top box, and other devices.

Microsoft continues to release new console models. So, an improved modification of H.

Important: Any converter brings losses in picture characteristics. Experts recommend connecting the device directly.

Connection Methods

How to connect XBOX to a Samsung TV or any other TV brand? This can be done in various ways. The quality of the broadcast playback is determined by the TV panel model.

The set of the game station includes a console, a connection cable, joysticks and a user’s manual, which contains the rules for using the device. There are prescribed ways to turn on and connect the set-top box, as well as how to correctly set the settings.


The simplest connection method to connect your Xbox to a TV involves the use of an HDMI cable. Even novice users can connect it. Follow this step by step connection:

  • First you need to disconnect the equipment from the network (recommended).
  • Take the cable and remove the plugs from the 2 plugs.
  • Find suitable connectors on the back of the monitor and set-top box and connect the cable to them.
  • At the end, start both devices.

After the connected elements catch the message from the mains, synchronization will take place. The information will be displayed in the working area of ​​the gamepad. You do not need to configure manually, the HDMI cable and the device will do everything themselves.

What to do if the TV does not see the Xbox 360 through HDMI and there are no visible reasons? It is recommended to use manual setting technology – press the Source button on the remote control to switch the image source.

This variation is suitable for modern models of TV equipment, while the monitor displays the brightness and richness of the palette, and will delight the sound.

2. HD AV Cable

How to connect Xbox One to a TV and get Full HD projection? To do this, use a connection using an HD-AV cable. The above technique is not entirely simple. There are some nuances to consider. The main problem is finding suitable nests.

Method for connecting XBOX One S to TV:

  • First, you need to choose a kit. There are varieties that are suitable for ultra-modern screens with a resolution of up to 480 p;
  • The cable plugs are painted in certain colors so that the user can quickly figure it out including the electronics. For old TV equipment, a white and red tulip is used, and yellow is used to connect a panel with a Hi-Tech function.

Important: When connecting tulips, you need to check that they fall into the connectors with the corresponding marking.

3. S-Video

How to turn on XBOX 360 on a TV if the panel does not provide other console connection options? Then S-video or VHS is used. This technique is typical for outdated models of TV sets or new modules that provide standard slots for attaching additional elements. In this case, the quality is not ideal. These parameters are sufficient for older TVs with simple characteristics. To use this method, follow these step by step technique:

  1. Disconnect all elements from the power supply.
  2. Determine the direction of the plugs coming out to the modules;
  3. Make a connection.

After connecting XBOX One, synchronization is activated. If the TV does not see the XBOX 360, it is recommended to change the settings in the TV, stopping at the proposed variations in turn.

4. VGA HD AV Cable

How do I enable XBOX 360 on an older TV? It is suggested to purchase a dedicated cable labeled VGA HD AV and then follow the steps below:

  • Connect the cable to the game station, then through the A/V port to the TV set.
  • The monitor will indicate a successful connection.

The wire for this technique should contain a white and red connector.

5. SCART Adapter

How to connect XBOX 360 to old TV? By means of a special SCART adapter cable. Connection technique:

  • Disconnect the equipment from the power supply.
  • Insert one plug of the receiver cable into the port.
  • Turn on the technique.

The advantages of this method are that there is no need for customization. This method of connecting the XBOX to a TV will work for any model. The receiver transmits a video signal and guarantees high-quality Internet access.

Composite RCA

It will help to connect the video station to an old TV panel using an adapter. Step-by-step join process:

  • The yellow connector is inserted into a similar slot on the TV screen, and the red and white into the audio jacks. The other ends of the cable are connected to the adapter.
  • HDMI cable dock the adapter and the console.
  • Connect the card reader with a USB port. Select the required standard with the switch.

Station Connection Problems

The correct connection of the gaming station is indicated by the appearance of a tab in the TV menu. But often the connection fails. This happens due to a loose connection in the sockets, or the cable is damaged internally, or any of the connectors is faulty.

After we figured out how to connect XBOX One S to a TV, the user can handle this task without any problems. Most often, difficulties arise when connecting equipment via a VGA HD AV cable

The TV receiver may not be able to watch the console, or the broadcast playback is poor. You need to tighten the cables in the ports. Apparently, the reason lies in the weakened contact. Here is the detailed consideration of the problems:

  • The XBOX was connected to the TV, after which both devices are turned on and nothing has changed. If the set-top box menu is not displayed after connection, change the video input parameters on the TV. You will need to press the (Source) or (Input) key on the remote control, go to the source content and select the port where the set-top box is connected.
  • After connecting the X box van to the TV, the video console conducts the transmission quality in automatic mode. To improve broadcast performance on your controller, press the (Guide) key. Then go to settings – system adjustments – configure the console display. Set the resolution suitable for the home screen and other settings.
  • If everything is connected correctly, but no signal is observed, it is recommended that you contact technical support for help.

Important: first, the cables are inserted into the ports of the video console, then into the TV receiver.


As you can see in this article, connecting an Xbox to a TV is no problem and can be done in just a few steps. The Xbox 360 can be connected to a TV in a variety of ways. The user selects the method independently, which is due to the type of home equipment and its capabilities. It is desirable to connect the video game console with modern brands of TV panels. 

If there is no new generation equipment, it will not be difficult to connect a video set-top box to outdated brands – you should clearly follow the instructions in the instructions. I hope that this article has helped you and that you will be able to do it without any major problems.

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