What Is the Blue Wire On a Ceiling Fan?

When you are installing a brand new ceiling fan in your home, you may be wondering where the single blue wire needs to go. Sometimes you’ll find that blue wire doesn’t match up with already existing wires in your home. What is the purpose of that blue wire? In this article, we’ll explain the main function of that blue wire and what it is used for. So, let’s start!

What Is the Blue Wire On a Ceiling Fan?

So What is the blue wire on a ceiling fan? The blue wire on a ceiling fan is a hot wire that is used for the light fixture. Blue wire controls the power that is running to the light kit, while the black wire is used for ceiling fan power. Without connecting the blue wire to your ceiling fan, you’ll not be able to use your lights.

Therefore, keep in mind that the blue wire is not a standard wall wire, and for that reason, you’ll not find that match in your electric box, as is the case with the black and white wires. We’ll go through a little more details below, so be sure to stay with us.

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Note! If you have no experience with electricity or you are uncomfortable, do not hesitate to contact a professional electrician.

How To Connect The Blue Wire On a Ceiling Fan?

The first thing that you must understand is that the location of the blue wire will depend on whether you’ll want to control your ceiling fan with one or two switches. When we have a single switch ceiling fan, then only the black wire is used to control the light fixture. When we have a ceiling fan that is connected with two separate switches, then we use both (blue and black) wires for their own separate switches.

You can see in the picture below a complete diagram for each scenario, along with the wiring guide for a ceiling fan. Keep in mind that working with electricity is dangerous, especially if you have no previous experience. Also, know that each brand and model is different, and therefore the ceiling fan wiring may vary. So, be sure to read the ceiling fan manual before installing.

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Single Switch Ceiling Fan Wiring

When you have only a single switch ceiling fan wire, then you can use the diagram below as a guide to understanding what you need to do. Remember that the blue wire is also connected to the black wire. For that reason, they can be used by the same switch.

Step-by-step how to connect the single switch ceiling fan wire:

  • Use the blue ceiling fan wire and connect it to the black wire from the ceiling and to the black fan wire. This method will allow you to connect and operate the ceiling fan and light kit by a single switch.
  • Ground wires need to be connected together. The color of that wires are green or yellow.
  • Lastly, the white wires that are coming from the fan and ceiling need to be connected together.

Dual Switch Ceiling Fan Wiring

A dual switch ceiling fan allows us to connect the fan power and the light on two separate switches. Unlike the method above, where we have only one switch, here the blue wire doesn’t share a switch and it is connected to its own power switch. For that reason each switch is used separately; one to power the ceiling fan and the other for the light kit.

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Step-by-step how to connect dual switch ceiling fan wires:

  • Use the black wire from the fan and connect it to the black ungrounded wire from the ceiling. This way, you’ll be able to control the fan power from the switch.
  • The blue wire that is coming from the ceiling fan needs to be connected to the second live wire that is coming from the ceiling. This second wire is usually red or black. By connecting it, you’ll be able to turn on the lights on your ceiling fan from the second switch.
  • Use the white wire from the fan and connect it to the white grounded wire that is coming from the ceiling.
  • Finally, be sure to check that all grounding wires that are coming from the ceiling and the fan are connected together. There will be 3 grounding wires that vary in color. These colors are usually bare copper, green, or yellow.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

Can you connect a blue wire to a black wire?

In the case where you only have one switch, then you need to connect the blue wire with the black wire. The blue and black wires must be connected to work. That way you’ll be able to control your ceiling fan and light with only one switch.

What does the blue wire connect to in a light fixture?

When the light on your ceiling fan can be turned on or off from two separate switches, then you’ll notice the blue wire that is connected to the electric circuit that has a three-way switch.

Final Thoughts

Although not all ceiling fans come with a light, some models have them. Therefore, a blue ceiling fan wire will be present and needs to be used if you want to connect your light to it. In this article, we went through two examples of how you can do this. It is very important to keep in mind that when you do this, the electricity in your house must be turned off to avoid injury. I hope we have helped you and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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