Meaning Behind Different Porch Light Colors

The porch lights are usually placed on the front doors of the house. The light color you choose for your porch is really important since it can have an influence on your mood. Color and lighting can affect our daily functioning and our state of mind. If you learn which colors are suitable for some spaces, you will be able to create a welcoming environment. Soft white color is not the only choice when it comes to porch lighting.

There are a lot of options, depending on the mood you want to create. Maybe you would not think so, but lighting colors are an important factor in your home’s design. In this article, we’ll talk about porch light colors that are used and how they can influence our everyday lives. So, let’s start!

What Different Porch Light Colors Mean?

So What Does Porch Light Colors Means? Typically, the blue, green, purple, and red porch lights are most commonly used. Blue porch light gives respect to the police or autism awareness, green light gives awareness of veterans, the purple light is for awareness of domestic violence, and the red light is for American Hearth awareness.

Although there are plenty of other porch light colors, we will go through the most important ones. Below we’ll talk about the meaning of colors on each of the porch lights and how you can choose the ideal color for your home.

Porch Color Light Meaning 

Here you can see the various and most popular colors of porch lights and their meanings:

Blue Porch Light Meaning

The Blue Porch Light symbolizes respect towards police officers or autism awareness. In 2007, the blue color became an official symbol of Autism Awareness. This color can be seen on porch lights in the United States around April for support.

Through the whole month of autism awareness, people tend to keep this light color. On the other hand, it may symbolize respect and support for police officers and their families.

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Green Porch Light Meaning

If you see a Green Porch Light in November, it means that people in that home support and honor the US veterans. US residents usually honor Veterans Day every November 11th, while keeping the green light during the whole month is also normal.

Green Porch Light during March represents a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The green color also represents spirituality but also raises awareness for Lyme disease. Therefore, when you see green porch light in May, it usually means that people respect Lyme disease awareness.

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Purple Porch Light Meaning

Purple Porch Light usually represents Domestic Violence awareness. When the Domestic Violence Task Force decided to run a campaign, they named it Purple Late Nights. People mostly put on purple lights in October to raise awareness for this cause. They do it to remember the people who died from this act and also the survivors. This is sadly a common thing that should be shown to people.

If you see a purple porch light in March in the UK, know that they are raising awareness for epilepsy. Violet and purple colored lights are also the highest-energy lights which have shorter wavelengths in the color spectrum. This means that they tend to use a big amount of energy.

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Red Porch Light Meaning 

Red Porch Lights are appropriate both in October, for Halloween, and in February, for Valentine’s Day. Red can also associate with American Heart Association. For this, porch lights turn red also in February.

Since the gun reform belief (2016), it is also common for people to have red porch lights. This can mean that they do not have guns in their home. You can always ask your neighbors what the color red means to them since it can have various meanings.

Sadly, it was said in 2018 that most of the red lights were not connected to guns. They believed that the gun reform was false and that most red light cases are connected to American Heart Association. If you want your outdoor plants to grow faster, you can combine red and blue light. This fluorescent lighting makes the plants grow faster and allows them to thrive.

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Blue and Green Porch Light Meaning

Blue has a calming effect and means tranquility when the color green represents hope and well-being. The combination of green and blue sends a message that you respect veterans and are honored to have them in your community. This lighting will always bring you an interesting topic to talk about.

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The True Meaning And Effect Of Porch Lighting Color

The role of colors in your environment is really important since they can change the way your home feels. It can be used to celebrate holidays, raise awareness or event give your support to a cause. Colors can also have an effect on your everyday life, as well as on your feelings. From this article, you will be able to choose an ideal color for yourself that will help you develop as a person and bring your favorite vibes into your home.

1) White Color

White color represents cleanliness, purity, and innocence. There are many types of white porch lighting: warm, bright, and natural. Some people may find it tiring, but it can be a great choice since it represents the sunlight as well as purity or innocence. It gives cleanliness vibes and as such is a very common choice.

2) Blue Color

The blue color represents trust, loyalty, and calmness. The color blue is a great color for indoors and outdoors. Depending on which shade you choose it will have a different effect on your body and mind. LED lighting in blue is great for your porch and it is said that it promotes healing and increases blood flow.

It is also connected to peace and spirituality and can have a positive effect while nourishing your strength and responsibility. Bold blue is known to be refreshing while relaxing is light blue. Blue is special because it is promoting loyalty, as well as trust.

3) Warm Yellow Color

Warm Yellow color is associated with warmth, sunshine, and positivity. This color can have a positive effect on your body because it promotes the function of the brain and creates an optimistic environment. Warm yellow is the second most popular color when it comes to porch lighting or lighting in general.

It encourages you to communicate and unite with people which makes it a nice choice for your home. Lighter yellow often represents happiness and sunshine and people associate it with these terms.

4) Pink Color

The pink color usually represents and is associated with love and peace. The color pink can be really feminine and is considered glamorous and warm. While it is really rare to see pink lighting on the porch be careful when choosing the right shade. Soft pink LEDs are a great choice while bright pink can be a bit too much.

5) Green Color

The green color represents calmness, healing, and hope. If you want a more calming and relaxing environment, you should choose green as your lighting color. It is the second most relaxing color after blue. It heals and catches the attention very fast since it is known as one of the few most visible colors that the human eye sees. It also gives a feeling of hope.

6) Orange Color

Orange color is associated with a friendly atmosphere. If you want to seem welcoming, put on an orange porch light and you will have guests enjoying themselves in your home. Orange is the color of friendship but also creativity and endurance. It is connected to the earth and the change of seasons. A friendly atmosphere is always a great choice for your home.

7) Light Purple Color

Light Purple color represents wisdom, bravery, and spirituality. The third most popular color for porch lighting is purple. When saying purple, it is not meant the dark and gloomy purple that frustrates people and makes them sad. Light purple is the ideal color that represents wealth and creativity so people feel nice in your home.

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The Psychology of Color Temperature

It is known that a light source has a specific color temperature that is measured in kelvins. There are a lot of different shades of lighting that are linked to the psychology of humans. There are warm colors like orange and yellow that have lower color temperatures – from 2700 to 3000 kelvins. Those of 5000 kelvins and more, higher color temperatures, are cool colors like blue or green. Those temperatures help with concentration and energy.

The warm light bulbs have a warm light temperature between 2700 and 2800 kelvins with a clear white tone that can have a bit of blue. The cool ones are around 4500 kelvins and have some blue color in them. They are great for porch lighting as well as cool blue light bulbs.

All in all, porch lighting color can have effects on your mood and the ambient of your home. Because of that, it is really important to choose an ideal color. Each color has a different meaning and also different effects on people. This way, colors can help people.

The Direction of Porch Light

It is important to also look for the right direction of your porch light just as the color you choose. You would direct light above the eye level for a formal atmosphere, but that is not recommended for homes. For a relaxing atmosphere, you will want to put the light in a direction below eye level. Therefore, keep in mind how you direct your porch light.

Tips How To Choose The Right Porch Light 

  • For dark porches, you should think about buying a light color that does not draw too much attention and does not stick out. It can be white, cream or beige.
  • LED lights are not really bright but last longer than other bulbs. They are ideal for long-term porch lighting and will create a subtle relaxing environment.
  • To not upset your neighbors, you should always put your porch light on 70 watts maximum. If you want to leave the light on all night, you will want to buy compact fluorescent bulbs. They last longer and save energy more.
  • You should always check the dimensions before buying the light because too small or too big lights will not be good for your home’s character.
  • You should choose a glow that is warm and soft but not too bright since it can attract unwanted moths.

Here is also a great video that shows how to pick the right porch light.

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FAQ: People Also Ask

What Color Porch Light Keeps Bugs Away?

Yellow-tinted color light is the best choice to keep the bugs away from your porch light. Instead of classic bulb light, use an LED light that produces a warm color, reducing the number of bugs. Therefore, by using yellowish-orange hue color, you will keep bugs away.

Do Porch Lights Attract Spiders?

Porch lights don’t attract spiders, while other insects may attach to the light. Therefore, if you leave your porch light during the night, you will probably attach a lot of insects in front of your home, and spiders will come as well.

Final Thoughts

You learned that different colors represent a different meaning and can affect your everyday life in a different way. Each one of them creates a different emotion in people. You should always think about these different things when choosing an ideal porch light color for your home. You never know when you are going to need this advice but use it wisely when it is needed! I hope that this article has helped you, and if you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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