Air Conditioner For A Room Without Windows

It is difficult to keep a room without windows cool, whether it’s a basement, garage, home office, or spare bedroom. When the temperature in the room is high, and the warm air has nowhere to escape from the room, it gets warmer over time. However, there are several methods that can be used to cool a room without windows effectively. Let’s see together what they are. 

How To Cool a Room With No Windows? A ductless mini-split air conditioner is perhaps the best way to cool down a room with no windows. This option is recommended for those homes that don’t have central AC systems installed. Other methods are the installation of a through-the-wall AC, using a portable AC, or an evaporative cooler.

Buying a portable AC is the ideal solution in some cases when you want to cool a room without windows. But that’s not always the case. In some situations, other methods, more favorable for the household budget, can be of great help. In this article, we will cover all you need to know about this topic. So let’s go!

Can A Room Without Windows Be Cool Down?

It is possible to cool down a room without a window. However, to cool down any room, it is crucial to expel hot air from the space and create a breeze of cool air. Cool air in the room can be created with the help of several different home devices, but also by adjusting your behavior.

This means that when you use household appliances, use them only when necessary. You wouldn’t believe how much heat your home appliances can create, such as TV, microwaves, computer,s or gaming consoles.

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How To Cool a Room With No Windows?

Every room can be cooled down, even those without windows. However, rooms without windows require a different method of cooling. This can be done with a few simple tricks but also with the help of several different AC systems. What you will choose depends on your personal preferences. Below is an overview of all options.

1. Go for a Mini-Split AC

Mini-Split AC is a cooling device that is considered to be very energy efficient and does its job well. Its best features are that it does not require a duct for operation and that you can use it to achieve a cooling effect equal to that provided by a central AC system.

Although, as we mentioned, every mini-split AC device is economical in terms of energy consumption due to its working principle, it should be added that there are also smart mini-split air conditioners that are additionally environmentally friendly.

2. Install Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner

Through-the-wall air conditioner is a great option when you need to provide a permanent solution for cooling a room without windows. The reason for this is that to install this AC system, it is necessary to make a hole in the wall, which will ensure the drainage of hot air. The opening must be carefully planned not to damage the home installations inside the wall and protect the system from pests on the outside.

The great advantage of this AC system in a room with no windows is that it represents an extremely energy-efficient solution when the opening in the wall is sealed well.

It is easier to cool a room without windows than a room with windows because the cold air has nowhere to escape. This means the device will work for a shorter time and with less power.

3. Buy a Portable AC

The portable air conditioner is a handy little device that can be very powerful when you need to cool down a room without a window. In addition, it has the great advantage of performing the work of a dehumidifier, where it removes moisture. However, the portable AC also has a major drawback, which is its mode of operation.

It involves sucking in air, cooling it, and then expelling it back into the interior while all the excess heat ends up outside the house through the opening provided for it.

No opening can be used for a portable AC in a windowless room. Therefore, it is necessary to either use a door as an opening or make a smaller opening in the wall.

4. Use an Evaporative Cooler

You can successfully cool down a room without windows with the help of an evaporative cooler that works on the principle of water evaporation. These are simple devices where you must pour cold water or put ice cubes.

When the device is turned on, a fan has activated that blows into the cold water and pushes air through the opening into the room. However, when using this device, be sure to leave your door open to push warm air outside the room.

5. Install a Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan can also cool down a room and create a pleasant breeze. Although ceiling fans are used by many in rooms that are cooled with AC for cold air to reach every corner faster, a fan without the help of AC can come in handy when you need to cool a room without windows. Note that when it is very hot outside, it is recommended to set the fan so that the pedals rotate counter-clockwise.

6. Turn on the Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan is also a good solution if you want to cool a room without a window. It will efficiently extract warm air from the room. You don’t need to install one if you have it in your bathroom. Just open the bathroom door and turn it on.

The disadvantage of this method is that it is only effective when the indoor temperature is higher than the one outside since heat always gravitates towards a colder area.

7. Keep Your Appliances Off

Most electrical devices emit heat during operation, so it is not surprising that, in addition to external factors, the temperature in the room is also raised when TV, computer, microwave, and other home appliances are used. If you want to make a windowless room cooler, try to use these devices at a minimum.

8. Use Cotton Sheets To Cover Your Furniture

Fabric can easily absorb heat and increase the uncomfortable feeling when the room is warmer than we would like. However, cotton sheets are not in that category. 

They provide a great sense of comfort on hot days. Use cotton sheets on hot days and remove all fabric from your room to reduce heat.

9. Replace Your Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights release heat during operation, which contributes to an increase in temperature in a room. This applies especially to those rooms that do not have the possibility of ventilation. The advice is to replace them with LED lights, which do not heat up the space during operation but illuminate the room.

Best Air Conditioners For A Room Without Windows

When you do not have a window in the room, there are other AC options that you can use to lower the temperature in the room and make it comfortable. Let’s see below what other alternatives you can use to cool your windowless room.

Portable AC Unit

A portable AC unit is always a good choice when you need to cool a room without windows because it does its job well and it is an energy-efficient, thus, cost-effective device. In addition, it does not require any installation.

You just need to bring it into the room and turn it on. Its biggest disadvantage is that for its operation it is necessary to provide a hot air drain, as well as the fact that it is quite a loud device.

Mini-Split Air Conditioner

There are many types of ductless mini split AC units on the market. They are very popular because they are very simple to install and operate, have a very quiet operation mode, and can be found in dimensions that are easy to fit into any space. These devices contain an outdoor and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit releases hot air, while the indoor unit cools the room.

Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner

Through-the-Wall Air conditioners represent a higher performance than standard window AC units. The unit must have an opening in the wall to ensure the hot air outlet through the device.

The advantage of this AC system is that it cools the room much faster than the Window AC system, but its big disadvantage is complicated installation. For its operation in a room without windows, it is necessary to make a hole in the wall.

Is It Safe To Use AC Units In Windowless Rooms?

Safety rules for AC Units In Windowless Rooms

People all over the world use AC units in windowless rooms, and they are considered safe. There are several air conditioners in this category that can effectively cool a room without windows. However, these devices need to have some kind of duct where they will blow the hot air out.

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Things To Consider When Using AC Unit In Windowless Room

When the room does not have a window, you must provide a hot air outlet for the AC unit. Otherwise, the unit will not operate as it should, and the room will heat up. You can construct the opening by creating a hole in the wall or use doors as the opening.

Having a hole in the wall will expel hot air from the room, but you should know that if you remove the device from the room, the hole will remain.

In addition, with opened doors, you have to be careful where that heat goes. You haven’t done anything if you have only transferred hot air from one room to another.

FAQ: People Also Ask

What happens if you don’t vent a portable air conditioner?

A portable AC unit without a duct for hot air and a suitable opening through which it passes will not effectively cool the room. In addition, over time, the device will start to overheat, eventually resulting in additional heat in the room.

Do all air conditioners need to be vented?

Most AC devices cannot work properly and cool the space if they do not have a mechanism inside their system that enables venting. The exception is the mini-split AC units, which function so that their outdoor unit expels hot air.

Final Thoughts

Any room without windows heats up very easily, so some way is needed to cool the room down. Cool effects in the room can be achieved with the help of AC devices from this article, such as portable AC units, evaporative coolers, and through-the-wall AC units.

Each of them will lower the temperature in a room without windows and increase the feeling of comfort for the people staying in it. But there are also cheaper solutions, such as ceiling fans and cotton sheets. Therefore, choose the method that suits you best.

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