How to Hide TV Wires on The Wall? Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for ideas on how to hide your TV wires on the wall, you are at the right place! Televisions operate on the network, like most household appliances. In addition to a cable with a plug for a 220V outlet, often another wire goes to the TV, through which terrestrial, cable, or satellite TV is broadcast. And if a set-top box, game console, or DVD player is connected to the device, the number of cables increases significantly. All this affects the design of the room, even worsening the aesthetic perception of watching films. You can fix the situation. It is enough to decide how to hide the wires from the TV: in boxes, along the wall, or run them along the floor. So let’s start!

How to Hide TV Wires on The Wall?

So How to Hide TV Wires on The Wall? The most popular and easiest ways to hide TV wires on the wall is by decorating a wire, using external cable ducts, special ducts, or by using a special cable bracket. Any of these methods will help you to hide any wires that are coming from your TV and thus get a much clearer and more beautiful view.

Choosing the Optimal Wire Layout

To decide how to hide the wires, you need to consider their length and structure. When routing along walls or ceilings, do not run cables tightly. If you do not leave stock near the TV itself or the outlet, there will be a large load on the plug, and as a result, it or the connector will fail.

Hiding TV Wires

Also, work with bare wires is not allowed. It happens that the cable loses its integrity during operation. Areas with cracks or chips in the upper insulating layer must be additionally wrapped with electrical tape or replaced with a new wire.

It is also worth considering:

  • How many wires are planned to be hidden. For one or two, it is easy to drill holes of the required length or purchase cable channels. A large number of cables are best tucked into the wall behind drywall boards.
  • Desired Location: Positioning the wiring on the ceiling will require more cable length than on the floor.
  • Distance to the outlet. If the TV is near a power source, you can simply disguise or decorate the cable so that it is not conspicuous.
  • Safety indicator. In apartments or houses with small children and pets, special attention should be paid to hiding the wires. They should be located in an inaccessible place, for example, in a box or in a wall. But don’t just lie on top of the skirting board.

Let’s take a closer look at all the options, how beautifully, neatly, and safely hide the wires from the TV.

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3 Ways to Hide Wires on the Wall Without Guttering And Repair

One of the reliable methods of hiding the wiring is to create special “paths” in the wall. It is optimal to plan it at the stage of a major overhaul of the apartment, so as not to get dusty and not break new finishes. If there is no such option, you can choose one of three methods to do without building tools.

Best Ways How To Hide Wires of TV

1. Wire Decoration

Design decisions on how to beautifully hide wires on the wall can be very unexpected, complex, and simple. Decorators are of the opinion why hide something if you can organically fit it into the interior.

The most common decoration options are as follows:

  1. Purchase of special silicone tips. They can be of different colors, shapes, there are even curly options. For example, in the form of a tree with branches in the trunk of which wires are hidden.
  2. Using the curly twisting method. This will require simple clamps and imagination. The wire can be specially bought in a suitable color, because even HDMI cables are on sale not only black, but also red, white, green and other shades. For convenience, you can draw the desired drawing on the wall with a pencil and lay the cable over it. You can get a real picture or graceful curls that match the design and style of the entire apartment.
  3. Hiding behind indoor flowers. A simple and proven way. The cable is fixed to the wall. Hanging stands for flowers are made along the wiring. And curly or hanging flowers are planted. Artificial options are also suitable for those who do not differ in love of gardening.
  4. Decorative panels. You can buy, order or make yourself. Wood craftsmen can create real three-dimensional paintings, in which a secret passage will be provided for wires from a TV set and other household appliances.

An alternative method for artists is painting on the wall. A wire is matched to its color and laid directly on the work. Some designers equip the hidden wiring with LEDs. In this version, the wires from the TV turn into the decor at any time of the day.

Don’t be afraid to fantasize. Even a simple decoration of the wire with artificial flowers may be the most suitable solution specifically for your apartment. But do not forget that any decor will attract the attention of children and animals.

2. Use of External Cable Ducts or Special Boxes

The cable channel can be rigid, flexible, corrugated. Plastic or wooden boxes are also suitable, making the wiring neat and increasing the safety of its operation. The latter are often found in office buildings, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. They look stylish and are inexpensive.

When choosing the option how to hide the wires on the wall, consider:

  • The material is the manufacture of the wall itself. It is easy to insert any bracket or nail into a wooden base. But for a concrete base, you will need a screwdriver or another way to fix the wiring.
  • Length and location of cables. Flexible corrugated cable trunks are ideal for securing multiple wires from the TV to a wall outlet. In fact, they make one neat cable out of a spider web.
  • A number of wires. Especially important for the selection of special boxes. The cables in them must be free enough, not pressed or overtightened. Professional electricians always leave some free space in order to remove 1 or 2 new wires into the same box if necessary.

If you know electricians or finishers you know, ask them for help. They will appreciate the location and technical features of the wires and advise on how best and faster to hide the cables from the TV.

3. Special Cable Brackets

Special cable brackets. The easiest fixing option is to keep the cords from getting tangled under your feet. The staples can be semi-circular, rectangular, with a plastic or metal top. They are most often attached to the plinth with a conventional hammer.

This method will not help to hide the wires from the TV, but to provide free passage through the apartment, corridor, kitchen.

How to Remove Cables Into the Wall Itself

Closing the wires from the TV in the wall itself is the optimal, safe, but most time-consuming process. It cannot be done without repair. Therefore, the internal electrical wiring is planned at the stage of capital restoration or moving into a new apartment.

The steps on how to remove wires into the wall are as follows:

  1. Order a wiring project for an apartment or room. Only an electrician can calculate how many sockets are required, the width of the technological holes and the correct routing of all wires.
  2. Draw straight lines on the wall with a pencil or marker. This is the outline along which the technological holes will be grooved.
  3. Prepare equipment and cut holes according to a given plan. Clear them. Route the main cables and plug in the sockets.
  4. Remove electrical wiring in cable channels to increase the safety of its operation. There you can also place a wire for connecting terrestrial or cable television.
  5. Close the holes, leaving technological hatches – access for checking the integrity and repair of the wiring.
  6. Make repairs.

Important. All this must be done before the apartment is completely renovated. It is better to bring the outlet directly to the TV, then additional methods are not required to hide the wires.

If the repair has already been done, but you want to remove the cables from household appliances into the wall, you can carefully grind small lines to the baseboard. And start the rest of the route along with it. For this, special skirting boards are produced with an internal cavity that allows you to hide the wiring from prying eyes.

Is it Possible to Hide the Wiring in The Floor?

The easiest option, how to hide the wires from the TV on the floor, is to buy a special skirting board with a cavity inside. It’s a quick, clean, and inexpensive way to run cables around your apartment. Moreover, it will be just as easy to free access to the desired section of the cord, to check its integrity – it is enough to dismantle the plinth and, then, put everything back.

The antenna wire from the TV is easy to hide in the floor itself. This will require:

  • Make small technological holes in the concrete floor using a hammer drill.
  • Insert a wire into it. Cover with decorative material or level the floor with a screed.

Important. If the apartment has wooden floors, they will have to be removed. There is no need to destroy the integrity of the parquet or laminate. Only a small hole is required for the connection at the entrance and exit of the wire.

Ceiling Cable Routing

Placing wires from TVs and other household appliances under the ceiling is one of the safest ways to hide them from children and animals. Moreover, to create such a system, it is not necessary to groove and make technological cuts. You can choose one of the following methods:

  • External wiring with fireproof protective sleeves (corrugations). They are matched to the color of the ceiling finish. And they are simply fixed with brackets to the ceiling.
  • The use of ceiling skirting boards with technological holes for electrical wiring. The fastest and most affordable way. It is enough to fix the skirting boards and run the wires along them to the exit point. From it, boxes are lowered down the wall, or wires are removed into the wall.
  • Concealment of wiring under false ceilings. The design includes a special frame to which wires or wiring ducts can be fixed.

Important. When conducting even wires from the TV, it is important to observe safety precautions. Each cable must be insulated. When several wires are wired at once, they are removed into fireproof corrugations.

How to Hide TV Wires Behind Furniture?

The owner of an apartment or house wants the wires to be as small as possible, more precisely, so that they are not visible. To quickly hide cables, you can buy special furniture, which already has technological holes for the antenna or cable wire.

Best Way to Hide Wires Behind Furniture

Most often, such furniture includes TV stands. They are equipped with a hole where you can easily and quickly remove all wires. And discreetly plug them into a nearby outlet. In the same pedestals can be pull-out shelves for TV set-top boxes, DVD players, and other equipment.

Place the TV stand as close to the outlet as possible. If this is not possible, you can run the extension cord under the baseboard and bring the power source as close and unnoticed as possible.

Original and Simple Methods on How to Hide TV Wires

Designers and simply owners of premises with a rich imagination come up with unusual ways to hide the wires from the TV and at the same time decorate an apartment or house. The simplest and most original options include:

  1. Run on the bedside table and cover them with books or special decor elements. The main thing is not to forget that books are for beauty, not for reading.
  2. Braid the wires with a thick rope, turning them into a real apartment decoration, from which you can create a tree on the wall or any other pattern.
  3. Placing phytowalls is a modern solution for stylish apartments. This is a special panel with pockets for indoor plants. It is enough to place the TV with its back to a living wall and run the cable behind it to neatly and beautifully hide all the wires. At the same time, such a design of the TV zone will help you completely relax while watching TV.
  4. Installation of decorative furniture. If the TV is fixed to the wall, the wires go down and spoil the design. To hide them, it is enough to create a thin TV cabinet. It will look stylish and at the same time close the wiring and the outlet for the TV.

There are a lot of options on how to hide wires from household appliances on the wall, ceiling in floor. Choose any that suits the design of the room, and do not be afraid to create. But do not forget about safety precautions.

Things to Know When Working With TV Wires

How to Hide TV Wires In Your Room

Cable, terrestrial television is conducted to the apartment by wire. There are also wires running from the TV itself. And when decorating them, do not forget that you are working with electricity, which requires safety precautions. Namely:

  • It is possible to make electrical wiring around the apartment only in a de-energized room and with a permit for carrying out such work. For this, electricians are invited at the stage of overhaul.
  • It is possible to remove wires in cable channels or in baseboards only when household appliances are turned off.
  • It is allowed to decorate cables with any elements provided that the following conditions are met: the equipment is disconnected from the network and the integrity of the insulating wire braid is not violated.

Do not forget that you cannot connect all additional equipment tightly. The plugs must be freely connected to the connectors to ensure high-quality and long-term operation of the devices.

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